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13 Photos of Nepal That Will Take Your Breath

Nepal or Federal Democratic Republic of  Nepal is located in South Asia. The capital city is Kathmandu and also is the major economic and political center of Nepal. Total area of Nepal is 147,181 squares kilometers and a population is about 27 million of people. It is located in the Himalayas. In Nepal are situated eight of the world’s ten tallest mountain. Also there is a highest point of earth – Mont Everest. The climate there is tropical and temperate.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the South Asia. If you are passion traveler then you must visit Nepal before you die. There you can see amazing landscapes, beautiful mountain, astonishing rice fields, magnificent lakes, old traditional buildings…. Those who will decide to go there must try the Nepal’s traditional food. Also Nepal is country that should visit all photographs. If you want to make some stuning photos than you should go to Aama Bhujung (Pregnant Mother) – Barun Valley, Nghe-Barun Valley, or Phewa lake. Lovers of old architecture definitely should visit Durbar and Taumadhi square and Swayambhunath (ancient religious complex).

In this article you can see 13 brilliant photos of Nepal that will take your breath away.

Aama Bhujung (Pregnant Mother), Barun Valley

Image By Dhilung Kirat Via Flickr

Begnash Tal

Image By Dhilung Kirat Via Flickr

Durbar square

Image By mafate69 Via Flickr

Man making pottery at Bhaktapur Nepal

Image By jbobo7 Via Flickr

Nghe, Barun Valley

Image By Dhilung Kirat Via Flickr

Phewa Lake Sunset

Image By Mike Behnken Via Flickr

Rice Field

Image By CIAT Via Flickr


Image By Dhilung Kirat Via Flickr

Taumadhi Square

Image By Francisco Anzola Via Flickr

The oldest temple in Kathmandu Valley

Image By Dhilung Kirat Via Flickr

Thulopokhari at Khongma (4080m), Makalu Barun Valley

Image By Dhilung Kirat Via Flickr

Village Majuwa

Image By Dhilung Kirat Via Flickr

One Picture Thousand Words

Image By Taylor Miles Via Flickr

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