15 Charming Italian Cities Ideal For a Walk – Part 1

 Italy is one of the most visited country in Europe. Below you can see some less popular but very beautiful small Italian cities that will blow your mind and will make you to wish one day.


Known for their specific houses with conical roofs, Alberobelo a picturesque town located in the Italian region of Puglia. Some of the little houses built of dry stone (without mortar) are marked with symbols, making them very attractive to tourists. It is one of the most visited Italian cities in nowadays.

Image by Verity Cridland via Flickr

Image by Pierpaolo via Flickr


Situated on Amalfi coast, this city is the smallest city in the southern part of Italy. This beautiful municipality was even shown in the ad for the Fiat 500. Look to feel its magic. It is one of the most beautiful small Italian cities in southern Italy.

Image by Sergio Morchon via Flickr


Garda lake is one of the most beautiful attraction in Italy. It is located in the Nothern Italy. It is a city with amazing landscapes, beautiful old buildings, delicious traditional food.

Image By Claus Thoden Via Flickr


Portofino is the Italian synonym for glamor , filled with luxury villas owned by Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. It is one of the most visited Italian cities during the summer. There you can enjoy in the awesome landscapes, amazing old buildings, beautiful gardens..

Image by luigi alesi via Flickr


Riomaggiore  was developed in the thirteenth century and is known for quality wine from local Beuren. This colorful city can fully walk in one day, but for visitors the best is to stay one day to rest and prepare for the rest of the trip to Italy.

Image by Edgar Barany C via Flickr

Here you can see part 2

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