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15 Charming Italian Towns Ideal For a Walk – Part 2

Today we presented to you incredible collection of magnificent Italian towns that are perfect for a walk. Also there you can try delicious traditional Italian food, that you are going to love it. If you want this summer to have unusual summer vacation than we suggest some of this amazing Italian towns, that will take your breath away. Below you can see some awesome photos of this towns.


Korinaldo is known for its well-preserved walls of the XIV century, as the birthplace of the saint Maria Goretti Roman Catholic after the popular festival of Halloween, which is held every October. It is one of the most magnificent Italian towns. If you want this summer to explore some new place and enjoy in the old buildings and old architecture, than you should go to Corinaldo.

Image by Alessandro Casagrande via Flickr


The city that was once known for breeding horses, now has about 6,000 inhabitants and offers a wonderful view of the crystal clear waters. An important view of this place is Aragoneze Castello, castle which was built in 1485. If you want this summer to have unforgatable time and swim in crystal clear water than we suggest to go to Otranto.

Image by Fabio Pierboni via Flickr

Image by Enza via Flickr

Monte Isola

With an area of ​​only 13 square kilometers, Monte Isola is appointed as largest lake island in Italy.

Image by jorsym via Flickr

Image by Joscelyn Upendran via Flickr


Glorenca or somewhere known under the name Glurns is a town located in the northern part of Italy and it has a population less than 1,000. An interesting fact is that most of its inhabitants speak German.

Image by Motographer via Flickr

Image by Alessandro Rizzo via Flickr

Colletta di Castelbianco

This ancient village is completely built of stone and is believed to have been founded to defend against Saracens in the XIII century. Some of the houses have red or blue doors that make this city more charming. It is one of the most oldest Italian towns.

Image by « R☼Wεnα » via Flickr

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