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15 DIY Home Improvements to add value to your Home

Whether you want to improve your home for your comfort or with the idea to increase the retail price, it is always a good idea to keep track of remodeling projects or updates over time. By being aware, which of the projects will give you the best return on investment in the future you will have a better idea of what to invest in first.

More significant remodeling projects are sure to maximize the value of your home which can include an update in the kitchen or the bathroom, adding an extra room or installing a new, greener roof. However, there are many smaller home improvements that you can do yourself that will help add value to your home. Many of these smaller projects get overlooked by the homeowner which results in potentials buyer walking out the door. An excellent presentation is vital to increase the home value before the listing price gets set.

1. Improve the curb appeal

The front yard is the first thing the home buyer will see, and therefore a neat and tidy front yard is critical to making a good first impression. Make sure there are no clutter, like old furniture and kids toys, keep the lawn mowed and those hedges trimmed.

2. Pool maintenance

The winter is coming, and you are not using the pool, so why bother cleaning it right? Wrong! If your home is up for show, even unused areas like the pool should be in great shape which will ensure buyers that the overall home maintenance is up to standard. Spending a bit of extra time and money to have a clear pool will help keep the potential buyer’s imagination active.

3. Clear the clutter

All rooms should be cleared of clutter as any clutter in a room can leave a wrong impression on the potential buyer. Clutter can make areas seem smaller than they are and can give the false idea that there is limited storage space in the home.

4. Paint the walls

If the paint is peeling or you have a screaming color on your wall, consider a new paint job. A new coat of paint will have the home looking and smelling fresh again, and by sticking to a neutral tone, the buyer will feel more at ease.

5. Keep the art minimal

Even something as simple as an art piece can give a stranger looking at your home something negative to talk about. As art is subjective, some might not appeal to your taste of art. Therefore, try sticking to newly painted walls if your art does not seem to be everyone’s cup of tea.

6. Change the layout of your furniture

The placement of your furniture might work for you, but if it if the room looks too crowded then again it can give the impression of a smaller space. New homebuyers are more interested in homes that feel there is an open “flow”.

7. Kitchen updates

If you are not in the financial position to update your entire kitchen then at least consider some small changes. You can paint the cabinets a new color, change the drawers or merely add some modern knobs to the cabinets. By updating the faucet and fixture, you will add immediate value to your home. Do not forget to upgrade your kitchen with brand new gadgets or appliances. But before you rush with shopping first you can read some guides and reviews at so you will not waste some money on untested items.

8. Keep your closets organized

Homebuyers want to know that there will be enough storage space for all their things. Therefore, your unorganized wardrobe might be a turn off for them. Store some of your stuff at a friend for the time when the home if you do not have the needed storage space.

9. Bring in the natural light

The best light that will set a great tone in your home is natural light. Make sure you open your curtains and move that piece of furniture that is blocking the light to ensure that your home is filled with sunlight when people come to see your home. Drapes that are lighter in colour can also give the impression of more light.

10. DIY bathroom updates

A clean, organized bathroom with no leaks is already a good start. Some simple upgrades you can make is to change the bathroom fixtures like the knobs and the shower head. A new shower curtain can give a new look or if you want to go all the way you can even consider installing a tile backsplash.

11. Popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings can look outdated and therefore devalue your home. With the proper equipment, you can remove the popcorn ceiling yourself. If the ceiling contains asbestos, however, consider contacting a professional for some advice.

12. Light fixture

An inexpensive way to brighten up all the rooms is by replacing the light fixtures. Old light bulbs can be replaced with LED bulbs that will save you money over time, and they tend to burn brighter.

13. Crown molding

If you are looking to add a lot of character to your home, then this is a relatively simple process. The molding is decorative strips made from wood, and some can be bought painted as well. Crown molding can be purchased at a home improvement store at a reasonable price. After it has been measured and cut, you directly attach it with nails on top of the wall.

14. Ceiling fans

Any potential buyer who has some knowledge about eco-friendly homes will know that a ceiling fan can save them a lot of money on electricity bills. Ceiling fans are not that expensive and installing them is not such a big job if you the room already has an overhead light fixture.

15. Carpets vs Hardwood floors

These days homebuyers are more interested in homes with hardwood floors. Replacing carpets with hardwood floors might take a more significant chunk out of your budget, but at the same time, it can add some good value as well. If you, however, have an older home, look under the existing carpet if there is a wood floor hiding. If by any chance you have an underlying wood floor, the carpet removal and refurbishing of the wood is a less expensive process.

When your home is up for show, it should be kept clean and organized at all times to give a good impression. Updating the decor in your home can be an inexpensive way to make your home more attractive and remember to stage your home for selling, by removing unattractive personal items and adding some simple, homey touches like flowers on the coffee table.

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