15 Places You Must Visit Before You Die: Electrifying Places

Being human beings we love to explore new things and traveling to new places has to be our absolute favorite thing. The most amazing thing is that the world is so untouched when it comes to visiting places. There are so many beautiful places that are still not explored by most people. No one has ever even seen 30% of the world’s beauty. If you always loved to travel then you should find some unique places. This would get you an extraordinary experience of traveling. Travelila has brought some of the best places in the world that you should visit once in your life:

Bagan in Myanmar:

If you love being around the forest then this place in Myanmar would be the perfect holiday destination. If you are seeking a quiet place to spend some days along then also this place would not disappoint you. The lavish greenery and the pleasant is everything that a traveler always looks up for. This place is not even that expensive so you can easily plan your weekend here.

China’s Zhangye Danxia landform:

This hilly region would have your heart and if you are a nature lover then this place would be the ultimate holiday destination for you. If you would look from apart then you would be able to see distinct colors on the valley. This represents how colorful the vegetation or plant growths of this place is.

China’s Li River:

If you love spending time near water bodies then spending a day or two exploring the Li River would be great. Unlike the ocean or sea, this is a less notorious place. You can have a picnic on the river side or you can even enjoy a boat ride on the river. The forest region around the river would make your experience amazing.

Meteora in Greece:

Greece is known for its beauty and so the place is also very beautiful. Almost all parts of this country seem beautiful like a poem. Meteora is very adventurous for people. The houses built on the cliff of a stone pillar look amazing. The view from the top of the stone cliffs looks heavenly so you should not miss visiting the place.

Uyuni mirror Lake of Bolivia:

This place is famous for the mirror-like effect of the sky during the rainy season. People who enjoy spending time near water bodies would love this place. If you would be lucky then you would also be able to see some groups of pink flamingos in the lake. It would be great if you avoid walking on the salt stretches as that is a bit risky.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia:

Temples are always soothing and visiting a temple can even relax the mind. This beautiful temple in Cambodia would tell you a lot about history. The architecture of this temple is breathtaking. You can come here to worship God and praise the beauty around this place. Clicking some pictures would always stay as a good memory.

Yosemite Valley in the USA:

Finally, it is about a place where you can experience snow. Apart from just snowfalls, this place originally is so beautiful that it would stay at your heart. The view across the mountain peaks is phenomenal. You would be able to see some fauna as well in this beautiful place.

Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan:

This is a seaside park in Japan and I cannot just express how beautiful this park is. The shades of flowers present in the park make it the best place to chill. This is, of course, a manmade creation but without a touch of nature, this beauty could never come out.

Petra in Jordan:

Apart from the water and forests, if you like to explore archeological sites the Petra would be a good place for you. You would get to see a lot of different stone structures across in place. This place holds a lot of history that you can know after you would visit this place.

Machu Picchu in Peru:

This is a high citadel in the mountains of the Andes. This looks beautiful and staying in this place would fill you with adventure. This is a manmade stone structure that was built in the 15th century. The beauty of this place is held by the stone structure that was once abandoned.

Cave in Algarve in Portugal:

If you are fond of golf games then this place would suit you the best. There are so many golf resorts across this place that you would enjoy at this place. If you are not into the game then you can enjoy your time at the Atlantic beaches.

Halong Bay in Vietnam:

Vietnam is such an underrated country but it is so beautiful as well. This place is Vietnam would impress you with the water that looks like the color of emerald. You would also get to see the limestone popping up. Here you would enjoy some boat trips around the sea.

Pamukkale in Turkey:

This place is famous for the flow of thermal water. This area looks so cleans and beautiful that you would enjoy spending time in this area. You would also get to see the hills around this place that makes this place look prettier. You can also enjoy exotic food at this place so if you are a foodie as well then you are sorted.

Venice in Italy:

Traveling to this place is like living your dreams. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to ride the boats to go from one place to another. Venice doesn’t have too many roads and the paths are all like small rivers. People don’t walk but they ride boats and that’s the beauty of this place.

Kashmir in India:

This is said to be very beautiful that admirers sometimes call it heaven on earth. Valleys of Kashmir would welcome you so nicely that you would feel strange in this place. Apart from the beauty of this place, you can also get to taste a lot of delicious cuisines out there.

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