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A List of 16 Amazing Travel Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy while Travelling

What can be done to make your kid happy while travelling on a plane, automobile or train? A better plan for travelling activities of kids can make you travel comfortably without the kids asking “Have we reached there?” Designing travel activities for the kids involve lots of imagination and some props. Parents have to unleash their creativity and stoop to the level of the kids to come up with ideas that keeps the kids busy.

During summer holidays, the kids are totally free and they have a lot of free time. Even after completing their holiday homework, they have all the time in the world and the parents have to keep them engaged. They are expected to entertain kids by different ways during their summer holidays and at the same time ensure that the kids learn something good, even while traveling. Below are some of the travel activities that can be used to keep the kids entertained.

Write and then erase

The kids mini travel bag can be packed with a white board along with some markers. This is one of the most versatile activities. Homemade Pictionary version, tic tac toe, letter practice can be played with this by drawing something and the other person guessing it.

Who am I questions

Kids love friendly games such as finding the identity of “animals” or “fruits” based on some clues. For example- “I’ am squishy, I’ am yellow. It’s a banana.


Purchase some toys from the local toy store, gift wrap them in a colorful and shiny wrapping paper and give your child gift after every thirty to sixty minutes. It works as a wonder!

Image by woodleywonderworks via Flickr

Imitate me

Convince your child to become a copycat so that he/ she do funny stuff along with you. For instance, you can blow a kiss and the kid will do the same, patting the head, etc., challenging him/ her to do what you are doing.

Stick them up

This travel activity for kids works best when on trains and planes. Write down the alphabet letters on the tiny sticky notes and stick them on the back seat but the front facing your child. Say a letter and let your child pull out the correct sticky note. Or you can also ask your kid to identify which of the following shapes does the sticky note represent? Like a circle, a square, a triangle or a heart.

Image by Juhan Sonin via Flickr

Busy wallet

Grab some, expired pretty gift cards, fake coins, and Monopoly money and design a very busy wallet. You can also make some crafty sticky puzzles.

Play with the paper

You can make use of all the magazines that you have purchased for your travel and ask your kid to identify a photo based on the clues given by you to him/ her. Further, your younger child can find his/ her favorite color, any alphabet letter like A, or count the number of people in a picture wearing shirts, etc. All these activities help your kid in enjoying the travel as well as pass the time nicely.

Image by Tzuhsun Hsu via Flickr

Wrap the things up

You can bring your kitchen foil along with you, and you can let your kid display his creativity by making different things out of the foil wrap. It can be a perfect art and craft activity for kids while travelling and it is not even messy for you. By twisting, ripping, scrunching, folding, etc., your kid can transform the foil into new and funny creations such as a snowman, a girl, a snake, etc. The kid can also wrap small items such as a hairbrush or a crayon into the foil and ask you to guess the thing inside the foil. A tape is not usually required, but you can offer it to your child if required.

Be magnetic

Try to bring magnetized dollars, tiny baking sheets or alphabet letters with you. Your kid will enjoy moving the things around, and you will find it funny that the things stick to the baking sheet.

Image by Aurimas Mikalauskas via Flickr

Bubble Wrap

You can also be creative and innovate with the bubble wrap. It can get very engrossing for the kid.

Catch games

A small soft ball can be carried and a plenty of simple and gentle catching games can be played with it.


Use glitter crayons (the one’s that refrain from rolling away), rectangular crayons, or beeswax crayons, on wide ranging papers which are stapled together: they can be tracing papers, colored, and textured papers. The kids especially love the crayons.

Image by Ben Francis via Flickr


The kid can also be entertained by a kaleidoscope or a prism if a rainbow is not spotted during the travel.


You can surprise your kid with some old bracelets, necklaces, beads, sunglasses and scarves etc and ask her to dress up or she can make a necklace or a bracelet with the help of the beads you give her. You can encourage her to dress up and she will simply love it! If your lil’ one is quite fond of dressing, buy her some beautiful dresses that appeals to her senses. Baby clothes come with lots of frills and beads but at the time of travelling dress your kid in the most comfortable apparel.The idea is that they are able to have good time while traveling and do not feel uncomfortable in tight or highly frilly or sequinned dress.

Card Games

Kids love to play UNO or any other card games like Pokemon or wrestling trading cards.


With the help of a DVD player or a laptop or an iPad, you can play your kids favorite movie, so that he can enjoy the summer holidays.

Image by Frans Persoon via Flickr

Above mentioned activities and tips can surely help your baby to enjoy travelling, without feeling bored or uncomfortable.

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