18 of the Most Colorful Houses Around the World

Hello followers of YourAmazingPlaces. Here is an collection of colorful houses around the world. These colorful houses are just 18 from the countless different houses that can be found if we just start walking from our home cities to the big metropolitan. So do you have some colorful houses in your city? Why don’t you take some photos of them and send them to us, and we can create special gallery from our visitors and their personal photos. What do you say about this idea? So whenever you see some colorful houses take a photo of them and send them to us. We will be so glad to make this special gallery. Waiting for your photos of the houses you find in your neighborhood.

Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna, Austria

Image by Mikel Ortega via Flickr

Ornate House, Mykonos, Greece

Image via zilinskas.net

Katwise’s Rainbow House, Brooklyn, New York

Image via katwise

Nautilus House, Mexico

Image via atlasobscura.com

Uzupis Galera Art Incubator, Vilnius, Lithuania

Image via boredpanda.org

Amazing Funnel Wall, Neustadt Kunsthofpassage, Dresden, Germany

Image by sonnendeck2000 via Flickr

Istanbul, Turkey

Image via boredpanda

Ecole Maternelle Pajob (Kindergarten), Paris

Image via Palatre et Leclere Architectes

Carabanchel 24 Building, Madrid, Spain

Image by Wojtek Gurak via Flickr

Colorful House, Nippes, Cologne, Germany

Image by Wolfgang Schubert via Flickr

Colorful House, San Francisco

Image by David Yu via Flickr

Cinema “Palads”, Copenhagen, Denmark

Image by David via Flickr

Zamość, Poland

Image by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland via Flickr

Rochor Centre, Singapore

Image by Choo Yut Shing via Flickr

Moscow, Russia

Image via alex-brab.livejournal.com

Wimereux House, France

Image by Alistair via Flickr

Colorful Granada, Nicaragua

Image by Neil Lee via Flickr

Mural, Ataco, El Salvador

Image by Garrett Ziegler via Flickr

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