18 Instagrammable Places In The US You Should Visit To Curate Your Feed

If you’re thinking of visiting scenic places that are perfect for your Instagram feed, read on. While you can travel across the length and breadth of the globe for amazing Instagammable pictures, if there’s one country to pick for its breathtaking natural beauty, The USA should be the top of your list.

The USA has an abundance of natural beauty with diverse landscapes and seasonal colors. You can spend a lifetime exploring the various nooks and crannies of this beautiful country. Being home to beautiful coastlines and dense forests, America has several hidden gems that are worth exploring.

From Seaside Oregon to The Grand Canyon, the various landscapes of the country make it one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. In this article, we look at some of the most Instagrammable places in the USA that you should visit to curate your feed.

1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Situated in the Southwest of Arizona, Antelope Canyon is known for its rock formations that form beautiful patterns due to the narrow spaces between the rocks. As the sunlight filters through these narrow spaces, vivid patterns are formed.

Known for its surreal beauty, this site is the most photographed place in the USA. As a tip, try visiting this place during the day as you can watch the sunlight filter through the sandstone formations, creating patterns on the wavy rock formations with vibrant colors, like red, orange, and pink.

2. Big Sur, California

This Pacific coastline is a treat for nature lovers. Known for its beautiful cliffs that provide a stunning view of the blue ocean, the wilderness of Big Sur is best explored on a road trip.

The area has a lot to offer. From hiking the Manuel Peak at big Sur State park to wandering through the redwood groves, Big Sur’s diverse natural beauty is sure to keep you engaged throughout your trip.

Big Sur’s Pfeiffer Beach is known for its Instagram-worthy sunset spot.

3. Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast is famous for its pristine beaches and stunning sunsets. Cannon beach is one of the popular beaches that has beautiful parks and hidden gems like the haystack rock–a rock formation made from lava that’s protruding out of the sea.

For Seaside Oregon Instagram feeds, visit the pristine beaches that offer some great views. Oregon coast beaches are accessible to all and offer a variety of activities like surfing, tide pooling, and fishing.

To learn more about what Oregon Coast can offer to adventurers like you, watch this video

4. The Florida Keys

This stretch of islands–from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico–have pristine beaches, rich marine life, beautiful state parks, and lush mangroves.

Visit the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo. This underwater park has miles of vibrant coral reef, seagrass, and acres of mangroves. You can also go scuba diving to explore the rich marine life.

Kayaking in the mangroves and watching the spectacular Keys sunset are perfect settings for taking Instagrammable images.

5. Yellowstone National Park

This is one of the oldest national parks in the USA. Visit Lamar Valley to spot bison’s, bears, bighorn sheep, elk, and wolves in their natural habitat.

The Yellowstone national park is known for its diverse landscape and varied flora and fauna. Lush green alpine meadows and colorful wildflower bloom in the summer months, making it a photographer’s paradise.

Make sure to visit the grand prismatic spring. This natural beauty is the largest hot spring in the country and boasts of a rainbow ring of blue, yellow, and orange colors. For your Instagram feed, get the best views from the top walkway.

6. Yosemite National Park, California

One of the most popular parks in the country, Yosemite National Park has visitors from around the world to see the spectacular rock formations. These striking granite walls are naturally formed due to erosion and glacial movements over millions of years.

For a better photo opportunity, trek up the trail to find an inspiration point. This park is also home to alpine meadows, waterfalls, and giant sequoia groves.

7. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the USA.

Formed by a volcanic explosion thousands of years ago, this lake is known for its crystal-clear surface and deep blue hue.

You can see reflections of the snowcapped mountains that surround the lake. The 2000 ft crater can also be explored by scuba diving.

8. Hoh Rainforest, Washington

The Hoh rainforest, which is home to the quietest spot in the USA, is the only rainforest in the country.

Due to continuous rain throughout the winter season, the lush rainforest has an abundance of green coverage. Blankets of mosses and ferns on the surface add to the magical vibe of the forest.

9. Monument Valley, Arizona /Utah

Monument Valley is an iconic site of the wild west region. Situated in the Navajo Tribal Park, Utah, its dramatic monuments make it one of the most beautiful sites in the country.

The tall sandstone structures against a sandy backdrop make it an ideal location for Instagram-worthy images. You can enjoy the beauty of this rugged landscape by going horseback riding or taking jeep tours.

10. The Berkshires, Massachusetts

This hilly region in Massachusetts is a popular summer spot for many.

Situated between New York and Boston, this beautiful countryside is one of the best places in the country to view the fall foliage. Drive through the Mohawk trail for views that can make your Instagram feed look surreal.

11. Nā Pali Coast, Hawaii

This is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country. This emerald green mountain range is abundant with beautiful waterfalls, pristine beaches, and sea caves.

This magical coastline of lush green cliffs can be explored by a helicopter, boat, or a hike.

12. Kenai Fjords, Alaska

The Kenai Fjords is known for its glaciers. The Harding Icefield consists of forty, huge vertical rock structure, and diverse and rich wildlife.

This site is inhabited by a variety of sea creatures, such as humpback whales, bald eagles, and sea lions. You can also find black bears, wolverines, and moose in the forests that adjoin the ice land.

13. Acadia National Park, Maine

This national park is situated along the Atlantic coastline in the west. Known for its rocky shore, abundant wildlife, and granite mountain peaks, Acadia national park is a popular site.

To catch the stunning sunrise, take a hike to the Cadillac mountains. This site makes for a great for a photo opportunity. Make sure to visit some lighthouses, too, for Instagrammable shots.

14. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park is a popular destination for photographers and hikers. The striking landscape of the area consists of orange and red stone pillars made from years of weathering and corrosion.

To get Instagram-worthy photos of the hoodoos or top-stone formations, head to the southern Bryce point. The astronomy festival that takes place every year in June is a must-visit for stargazers.

15. Maroon Bells, Colorado

Maroon Bells is known as the most photographed site in Colorado.

The Maroon lake is nestled between two mountain tops. The lush mountain tops, blanketed with wildflowers, reflect beautifully on the surface of the crystal-clear lake, creating a riot of colors as the seasons change.

The site houses many hiking trails that are abundant with Instagram-worthy scenes.

16. Big Bend National Park, Texas

The big bend National park in West Texas is a vast site that’s abundant with river cliffs, mountains, and sandy dunes. The rugged limestone canyons that contrast the arid dessert provide a picturesque backdrop for artistic Instagram feeds.

Big Bend is also a popular site for stargazing. On a clear night, you can see a heavily star-studded sky with your naked eye.

The park also boasts of thousands of species of plants and hundreds of bird and reptile species. You can also sight a variety of mammals in the park.

17. Glacier National Park, Montana

The Glacier National park is one of the most visited parks in the USA.

The park is home to some glaciers and huge granite peaks that are carved by ice flows. The rocky slopes in the park are inhabited by mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and marmots that can be sighted on hiking trails.

18. Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

The sand dunes of Colorado are the tallest dunes in America. This site has no designated trails for hiking, making it an adventurous climb.

The landscape of the park consists of dunes, forests, and mountains.


If you’re planning a holiday to a scenic, Instagram-worthy location for a short break, this list can help you find a place that’s perfect for curating an ideal feed.

To ensure that you make the most of your location, you can do a little research before your visit to find specific areas that are known for breath-taking views. Make sure to pack your tripod or selfie stick, portable charger, and camera lenses to capture the panoramic views of these picturesque sites.

For the best photos, try to catch the early morning hours. Most tourist locations are also mostly empty in the early mornings, making it easy to take pictures from various angles.

Finally, don’t forget to imbibe in the serene, pristine vibe of the great outdoors as you create those masterpiece-like feeds.

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