20 Photos of New Caledonia, The Blue Heaven

New Caledonia has the biggest water national park in the world called Coral Sea. This area in New Caledonia is the most protected area extends on 1.300.000 square kilometers. Besides the enormous area, this park is a home of many different animal species. There are 48 species of sharks, 25 different sea mammals, 19 different types of birds and 5 different types of turtles in which the endangered green turtle. The sea ground has more than 4.400 square kilometers of coral, and thats why this sea got this name. In the waters of this sea, there are more than 3.000 tons fish that are part of New Caledonia life.

On this French ground there is the biggest lagoon in the world that is protected by UNESCO and the second in height coral reef.

Noumea, New Caledonia

Image by Jason Meaden via Flickr

Image by Jason Meaden via Flickr

Image by Jason Meaden via Flickr

Image by Kazuhiro Tsugita via Flickr

Baie des Citrons, Noumea

Image by Thierry Draus via Flickr


Image by SToto98 via Flickr

Lekini cliffs, Ouvéa

Image by -epsilon- via Flickr

Poe Beach, Bourail

Image by CHRIStophe Robert HERVOUËT via Flickr

Récif de l’Annibal

Image by J Brew via Flickr

Isle of Pines

Image by Adrien CRETIN via Flickr

Image by my LifeShow via Flickr

Luengoni Bay, Lifou, New Caledonia

Image by Christophe / saturnino Iaïchouchen via Flickr

Image by Christophe / saturnino Iaïchouchen via Flickr

Image by Christophe / saturnino Iaïchouchen via Flickr

Jokin Cliffs, Lifou, New Caledonia

Image by ¡kuba! via Flickr

Prony Bay, New Caledonia

Image by CHRIStophe Robert HERVOUËT via Flickr

Mont Mou, New Caledonia

Image by CHRIStophe Robert HERVOUËT via Flickr

Numbo Bay, New Caledonia

Image by CHRIStophe Robert HERVOUËT via Flickr

Linderalik, New Caledonia

Image by Tim Waters via Flickr

Tao Falls, New Caledonia

Image by -epsilon- via Flickr

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