Trends in photography are constantly changing. Modern photographers strive to be in line with trends and offer their clients something new, to make their portfolio different from others. According to research, the need to hire professional photographers has decreased due to activities on social networks. In addition, the pandemic helped us stay at home and postpone the celebration of a birthday, baptism or wedding. The situation in the world is slowly stabilizing, and photographers are trying to set new trends for 2021, in order to keep up with the times. Just as fashion trends change, so do trends in photography and especially when it comes to weddings. Implementing new trends can set a photographer apart and help him improve his career. Newlyweds will prefer to choose a photographer who presents his work on social networks and who tries to show them everything he can do. The goal is for the newlyweds to get photos that will delight them. They will always keep those photos in their album, and they deserve a perfect memory. If you are also planning a big event this year, then you need to know what photos are in focus and what you should pay attention to.

Below, find out what are the biggest trends for 2021 when it comes to event photography.

Informal photography

Minimalist weddings with a smaller number of people have started a new trend, and that is informal, relaxed photography. More and more newlyweds are opting for more private celebrations with selected close people and there is no longer such a pronounced need for classic photos in which newlyweds and guests stand and pose. The new trend dictates that everyone be relaxed and forget that the photographer is present. That way, the photos will be full of sincere emotions and spontaneous events. There will be no more boring and gloomy photos. If you opt for this method of photography, then you don’t have to worry much, you can relax, sing, dance and enjoy with your loved ones, and the photographer will notice it in an artistic way.

2021 Trending Photography Ideas for your Events

Photographing before the wedding

Here is another current novelty! Photographers have come up with a great way to get perfect photos, and this trend will surely continue in the years to come. Photographing can be done a few months earlier, in agreement with the newlyweds. The goal is to set aside a few days and visit new locations, in order to get beautiful photos. This way, the newlyweds are much more relieved for the wedding day, because they don’t have to think so much about whether they will achieve everything. Many newlyweds are nervous when taking photos and taking photos before the wedding can remove the nervousness and create a great connection with the photographer. The newlyweds then feel comfortable and are much more relaxed, and then the photography becomes much more natural and you can see the emotion, but also the artistic line of the professional behind the camera.

2021 Trending Photography Ideas for your Events

Engagements are becoming increasingly popular

Engagements were not given much importance and were rarely photographed. Now the situation is different, and couples choose to have the photographer follow their path of love and immortalize the photos from the start. It usually happens that a man hires a photographer who will be at the location, and the woman will not see him. The photos are part of a big surprise for her. The secret photographer waits for the right moment and records the whole event around the corner, and special attention is paid to the moment when she says a fateful YES. We believe that this information will mean a lot to men and that they will call a photographer when they want to propose to their future wife.

2021 Trending Photography Ideas for your Events

Luxury, romance and beauty

When we say that photos should be perfect, we mean that they should delight the newlyweds. Photographers are advised to always talk in detail with the newlyweds and ask them if they have any ideas they want to realize. Since a wedding is a day that will be remembered for a lifetime, luxurious details and romance should be at every step. Broadway Wedding Car Hire employees say newlyweds often choose sleek, luxurious limousines that go back to the old days, so the photos exude a retro style. Retro style is back in fashion and looks irresistible! The newlyweds are delighted with the glamorous photos that show them in the best light.

2021 Trending Photography Ideas for your Events

Details are vital

When it comes to a wedding, or any other event, photographers should pay attention to details and newlyweds should ask for everything to be recorded. The people who organized the event in most cases invested a lot of effort or money in the decoration. It is really not fair the decorative details are not visible in the pictures. Flowers, wedding table, bride’s dress, jewelry, bridesmaid bouquet should be photographed at weddings. So many things are important, that you will definitely need another assistant photographer so that you don’t miss anything.

2021 Trending Photography Ideas for your Events


Originality and creativity are required of the photographer. Drones have become extremely popular, and you should consider whether you can schedule this additional method for your wedding. Classic photography can’t capture all the moments, and most newlyweds want to see what they look like from a different angle. Drones became a must have in 2021 and together with the camera they now represent ideal equipment for creating eternal memories. These recordings do not always have to last long, but the newlyweds will surely be glad to show them to their children one day. The drone can capture moments that cannot be captured from the ground, and this is exactly the effect that has become sought after among modern couples. It is also ideal for recording other celebrations, and is increasingly used for birthdays, business and music events.

2021 Trending Photography Ideas for your Events

It is very important the newlyweds collaborate with the photographers and try to realize the artistic ideas that inspired them. The most significant thing is for the newlyweds to be pleasant, to be relaxed and in the end satisfied with all the photos. It is always recommended to agree on everything, to present all creative suggestions at the start and to find a compromise for location, poses and photography methods. We want you to enjoy your memorable day and recall it at its best.