Lake Baikal – The Heart of Siberia

As vast as sea and as deep as ocean, Russia’s Lake Baikal is one of the World’s greatest natural wonders.

An area larger than Belgium, Lake Baikal contains nearly a quarter of all the world’s stock of fresh water, which is more than all five american lakes together.

Lake Baikal is a superlative in every sense. Baikal basin is so large that all the rivers in the world will need a year to fill it. More than 300 rivers flow into Lake Baikal, and only one, pours from it. It is the Angara River, which flows into the Arctic Ocean.

The heart of Siberia

Despite the threats that comes with the constructions of pipelines and human activities, Lake Baikal is virtually untouched and protected from the usual pollution due to its isolated location.

Located in the heart of Siberia, about 3,500 km from the Pacific and about 4,00 km from Moscow. This geographic position also points to the fact that Baikal is not easy to come by.

The road to the lake goes through the Russian city of Irkutsk, in which is settled the station of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. In this city there are also direct flights to Moscow and Beijing.

Regardless of the season and the location, the incredible beauty of Lake Baikal attracts artists, photographers and tourists in large numbers throughout the year.

With its unique flora and fauna, and the fascination local culture, “sacred Siberian sea” is one of the places that certainly is a must visit place.

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