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25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany

November 9th, 2014 a day that marks the 25 year anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. On this day the world’s eye will look at Berlin once again.

The Berlin Wall was a barrier that existed between 1961 and 1990, built by German Democratic Republic, completely cutting off West Berlin from  surrounding East Berlin and East Germany. The Berlin Wall was also known as a “death strip” after some many unkind events.

The presence of wall was causing many incidents and unpleasantness. In 1989 a peaceful revolution started. Soon enough all the restrictions for crossing the wall were lifted. It was a great win for the people and for democracy in Germany.

Every year, people celebrate the fall of the wall on 9 November. On 9 November 2009 there was a big celebration because of 20th anniversary. The Fall of the Berlin Wall was celebrated with a “Festival of Freedom”.

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The artist Manfred Kielnhofer is remembering this event through the amazing project called Guardians of Time. For more information and photos of this project, feel free to visit his website:

Copyright © Manfred Kielnhofer

Today if you walk Berlin during daylight you may not notice that it was separated in two different parts. But this wall left a scar in Berlin. The best way to see that is during nights and watching the city from above. The East Berlin night lights are yellow and the West Berlin is with white lights. The Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made a photo that shows the difference.

Photograph © NASA

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