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3 Reasons to Avoid Installing Solar Panels as A DIY Project

The idea of DIY solar panels can be quite enticing but it has its own advantages however they are outweighed by disadvantages. The use of solar energy instead of electricity bears a lot of financial benefits as it reduces the cost of electricity and adds value to your home. To save yourself from the struggles that come with installing a DIY solar panel, you can look for a solar installation company such as the Sandbar Solar, which is involved in residential and commercial projects. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid installation of a DIY solar panel:

It is dangerous

One of the major causes of death in the construction industry is death and working on the roof is dangerous. To avoid falling, you should use a solar panel installation company who are professionals and will use the proper safety equipment. Another form of danger that may arise when installing the solar panels is electrocution caused by the photovoltaic array, which starts to produce electricity once they are exposed. Knowledge of electrical safety is very important as the solar arrays need to be hooked together, wired into an inverter before being hooked into the energy grid.

Permits and paperwork

When installing the solar panels, you have to meet all the necessary regulations. Solar panel companies who are knowledgeable in that area can help you get through all the complicated details and ensuring that you meet all the local and national building standards required. You will need approval from the city planning department as well as the local electrical inspector. You will also have to meet up with the insurance company that will meet the special requirements. However, with a professional installer, you can jump these hoops as they do all the paperwork for you at a very affordable cost and ensure that your solar panel is up to standard. The solar installers have a group of affiliated people to carry out these tasks.

It is quite expensive

The DIY solar installation rarely saves you money as you will miss out on rebates and tax incentives. This will lead to you losing your money. If the solar panel is wrongly installed, repairing it could cost you money as you will have to pay the person doing the repairs. Hiring a professional solar panel installer will help you save money as they will make you eligible for the cash and apply the incentives that are the best for you. It will also save you the money for repairing the damages.

Installing a solar panel requires knowledge as well as experience. An installation company will save you time and money. Most companies have good deals and they know which incentives are best for you and offer an additional warranty. Before deciding on installing the solar panels yourself, it is important to carry out research, know what you are supposed to do and know the available options for you. You should also try and have a solar advisor to assist you.

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