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The Top 3 Reasons to Add a Pergola to your Entertainment Area

Who does not like creating a place to entertain guests and other family members in their homes? While it’s great to entertain guests inside your home, having an outdoor entertainment area is also a good idea. Especially during the summer months, it would be a better idea to have a barbecue outside the house and enjoy the summer breeze.

If you want to add more a touch of elegance to your entertainment area, why not add a pergola to your entertainment area? This structure may be simple to look at, but with a few unique touches, it will truly add to the beauty of your outdoor area.

Photo by Yardscapes Northwest

They are not that expensive so you do not need to spend so much money, plus you have a lot of materials to choose from. Your pergola can be made metal or wood. It all depends on your taste and budget of course. There are some that even combine the pergola with other structures such as gazebos.

Photo by Archadeck of Charlotte

If you still need more convincing, read the list below and check out the reasons why adding a pergola in your outdoor entertainment area is a good idea.

It can protect you, your family and your furniture from natural elements

Enjoying a beautiful summer day with your family is always an enjoyable time, but not when it gets too hot and you end suffering from sunburn. But staying indoors can also make you feel stuffy and hot. The perfect solution is to install a pergola in your backyard. It can protect you from the hot sun as there are pergolas that have the option of a canopy installed with it. The lightweight covering can be used as needed so if it is not too hot, you can just enjoy the open space of the pergola. There can also be additional shade if you decide to grow some plants that need support such as ivy or wisteria.

Photo by Weisz Selection Lawn & Landscape Services, Inc.

It can be a space to grow plants

If you like gardening and sprucing up your backyard, you’ll surely enjoy the addition of a pergola. Imagine the beams overflowing with climbing plants such as grapes, wisteria or honeysuckle. The beautiful plants can create a natural ceiling and shade for you as they intertwine with the boards of the pergola. If you do not like climbing plants, you can still just hang plants from the board to add more decorations to your pergola. All these do not only provide additional shade, but also privacy for you and your guests when you hold your parties or barbecue night.

Photo by Melbourne Total Landscaping

It can add value to your home

You may not be thinking about selling your home now, but if the future, if you do decide to sell your home, adding a pergola now would be a good idea. Even with just a small amount of money, you can add as much as 20% value to your home if your backyard has a beautiful landscaping.

Photo by HighCraft Builders

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