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3 Tips to Keeping a Leak-Free Roof through Winter

It is important to note that one should keep their roofing leak proof all the time. As such, the best precaution should be taken during the initial installation period. You need to make sure that your roofing is done properly so that you will not experience any leakages during the winter period or at any other time. Any leakages during the winter can be very difficult to deal with as it is not easy to repair the roof when it is cold or raining. The cold temperatures and snowfall will make it too hard for you to do any meaningful repairs to your roof. The right thing to do is maintain the roof all of the time and to make any repairs before winter.

If you live in Ohio, you can consult your local roofing Cincinnati company to help you keep the roof well maintained. Any minor repairs that you need to do should be done by the right technicians or roofing experts so that any weak points can be detected and dealt with early enough. Here are 3 tips to help you keep your roof free from leaking throughout the winter period:

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Keep your roof clean all the time

One of the causes of roof leakage is poor maintenance where one does not clean the roof. There is a lot of debris that causes roof leakages and damages the roof. All the dead leaves, garbage and any waste materials on the roof should be removed all the time. In the case where there are overhanging branches of trees near the roof, these should be trimmed. When all the organic debris and other types of dirt are removed from the rooftop, you end up with a clean roof that will need less maintenance and one that will be free of leaks.

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Clean the attic and inspect it regularly

Other than inspecting the exterior of your roof, it is important that you take care of the attic as well. You can do this yearly to make sure that the whole roof is properly taken care of. The right time to check whether there are leaks on your roof is by inspecting the attic during a rainy day. You will see any minor or major leakage points and have these repaired before the winter season sets in. Some of the signs of leakages are warped wood, mildew or mold as well as stained insulation. When you notice these signs, ensure that proper repairs are done. Your gutters are also part of the roof and should be cleaned and all debris removed from them. This will make the whole roof clean and easy to maintain and prevent any future leakages.

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Limit traffic on your roof

Climbing on your roof frequently makes it weak and this leads to leakages during the rainy season. There are many instances when you will need to climb on the roof to install some gadgets such as TV or radio aerials, installation of lighting decor and so on. Regular foot traffic on your roof is not good. If you must climb on the roof, then ensure that you are stepping on the shingles that are not compromised. This will keep the roof strong and leak-proof before the winter season begins.

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