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3 Tools You Should Hire For DIY Jobs

DIY jobs have skyrocketed in the last few years. There is nothing more satisfying the being able to complete a tricky job around the house yourself without having to call in the professionals to do it for you. Saving money is one of the main reasons that people participate in DIY jobs. In most cases you only need to pay for the materials you will need thus saving you on labour costs.

With access to information like videos and how-to tutorials, getting jobs done around your home doesn’t have to be hard. It is also a great way to get the family involved with helping around the house.

It is important to have the right tools for various DIY projects. Having some tools ready is a sure way not to be caught off-guard. There are some cheap, all-purpose tools you need to get like a hammer, pair of pliers, tape measure, screwdrivers etc. But what happens if you have to do something that requires none of these? What if it requires an expensive tool?

This is where hiring tools comes in. Most projects do not even require such tools at all times and it’s a waste of money and space to have them at home. Such tools that would be discussed here are a chainsaw, sledgehammer and angle grinder. These are not everyday tools but you may need to hire one at some point.


Gardening jobs may require a chainsaw. This is used to bring down large trees and cut up their remains in order to remove them easily. Fuel and electric powered chain saws are available but which you choose depends on the job you need it for. Using a chainsaw helps to get your job done quicker than if you had to use traditional methods such as an axe or handsaw.


The closest tool to a sledgehammer in the movies is Thor’s hammer. This tool is used for ‘destruction’. It breaks anything and everything, even concrete. Just a smash is enough damage. If you ever need brute force to break something, maybe a wall or even a concrete floor, sledgehammer to the rescue. This tool is better hired because also like the chainsaw, you wouldn’t always need it.

Angle Grinder

This power tool is used in operations dealing with metals. It is used for cutting, grinding and polishing. It usually has a replaceable disc that does the work and a handle and can be used for removing excess material and for polishing rusty metals like nails.

The best way to get any of these tools, and more, for hire, is by contacting your nearest tool store. The experts will be able to help you pick the best tool to get the job done quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely.

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