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3 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom with Strip Drainage

Strip drainages are both functional and decorative. They don’t just foster water management, but can also improve the look of your home. They are efficient, have high crush strength and capacity to allow faster flow of water to prevent your bathroom from flooding by up to 80%. It has the capability to aerate water as it flows through the drain, improving flow and quality.

They can be custom-made to modernize your home according to your taste and preferences. They’re also easy to install, cost-effective to maintain, connects to pipes and pits, lightweight and easy to transport, and economical. They come in modular designs to take up less space in your bathroom and have a high flow rate.

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Despite the functional benefits of strip drainage, you can creatively use it to modernize your bathroom. Here are 3 ways to revamp your bathroom with strip drains for a modern look:

Top 3 Ways to Improving Your Bathroom Appeal with Strip Drainage

Design in Geometrical Shapes

Geometrical shapes can give your bathroom an intriguing look. Unlike other imperfections in nature and your immediate environment, geometrical shapes often seem unique and artificial. Simple or complex geometrical shapes and sharp edges in your bathroom can give it a new look.

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Due to their immediate effect, geometrical shapes can act as a focal point in your bathroom or accentuate it with a modern look. Use your strip drainage to introduce form and pattern into your bathroom. Get the drainage custom-designed in a geometrical shape; your drainage is bound to be less invasive because it’s a common yet significant element of your bathroom.

Photo by Modern Home Solutions

Design the drainage in a two or three dimensional shape such as rectangle, square or circle, and sphere, cylinder or prisms, respectively. You can also match the design of the drainage to your bathroom cabinets, windows or doors for a matching look.

Display Geometrical Accents on the Strip Drainage

Other than designing the strip drainage in geometrical shapes, you can use them as a platform to display accents with sharp edges and straight lines for a clean, modern look.  Paintings, photo frames, vases, lamp shades, shampoo or conditioner bottles and soap dishes on your strip drainage to accentuate your bathroom with a glam look.

Photo by ALLCITY Bathroom and Kitchens

Match the fabric pattern on your bathroom window with the displayed accents to further enhance your interior décor appeal. They can also match the shape of the drainage for an improved look with a modern touch.

Photo by On The Ball Bathrooms

Another option is to install wallpaper with bricks, rhombuses or classical stripes on your bathroom walls to complement the design of your strip drainage or items on display. Buy cylindrical shampoo or soap bottles to display in your bathroom for an enhanced appeal. Geometrical shapes brighten and harmonize interior spaces with a modern touch.

Color Your Strip Drainage in a Modern Color

Emerald, bronze and cream or beige hues are warm colors that can brighten your bathroom. Emerald also adds a natural touch indoors. Yellow hues are energetic and can induce positive moods in your interior space. Purple is mystical and strengthening, add it to your bathroom to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Photo by On The Ball Bathrooms

Finish your strip drainage in any of the colors above for a modern attach. You can also complement them with other accents and accessories in your bathroom for a cohesive yet modern look.

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