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4 Benefits Of Packing Light When You Travel

Some people really enjoy packing, while others, just eager to get on with travelling, dread the prospect – either way, you’re probably going to over-pack. This is a common issue faced by many travelers, especially if they’re traveling to a colder climate.

While packing your favourite outfits may come in handy, it can also have drawbacks, and you might find yourself weighed down, spending extra cash and waiting around a carousel for an hour. This article will offer a few tips for packing light as well as four key benefits to travelling light:

Saves You Money

Baggage fees are hitting an all-time high for airlines. The expense of carrying extra belongings with you can cause you hundreds of dollars in a round trip. It is better to avoid this expense and opt to pack only a personal bag and carry-on.

Lets You Bring Things Back

Naturally, when you travel to another destination, you find many things you’d like to buy – after all, it’s not like you’ll be visiting any time soon again. Depending on how exotic your destination is, you’ll be buying quite a few souvenirs, so if you pack fewer things on your inbound flight, you’ll be able to bring more things back.

Adds Convenience

Whether you’re on your way to the airport or returning from there, if you’ve over-packed, you’ll have to rely on bellhops or service people at the airport for moving your luggage around. This is especially true of parents who have children to look after.

But when you pack light, you’re able to carry your own things without requiring any kind of assistance. You also retain your peace of mind throughout your travels, as you only have limited luggage to look after. This also means there are fewer things to lose.

Lets You Avoid the Carousel Belt

It can be extremely tiring waiting along the carousel belt for your luggage pieces to show up one by one. It’s usually rare for both your luggage pieces to appear together, and even rarer for them to show up first. Many people dread this aspect of traveling, and armed with only a carry-on and personal bag, you can skip the carousel entirely.

Knowing which items to pack is the key to packing light. Everyone wants to be fresh and energetic on their first day of travel, as opposed to feeling icky and gross, and Merino wool is specially designed for this purpose. It is a lightweight fabric that serves multiple purposes: keeping you warm, cool, fresh and dry, depending on the situation. If there’s one tip you’ll hear time and again from travellers who are religious about packing light, it’s that you need to get Merino wool.

With the right gear and the right clothing, packing light is a cinch. Don’t get bogged down by heavy bags, long wait times and expensive checked baggage fees – travel light on your next trip.

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