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4 Checklist Items to Remember When Preparing for a Camping Trip

Getting ready for your first camping trip of the season? Or maybe the big one in the middle of summer break? No matter when you go camping, you want to remember a few things before you leave. Let’s look at four things you need on your checklist.

Make Needed Repairs

You don’t want to go camping with your gear in disrepair. Check all of your equipment to make sure it works properly. If you are going tent camping, verify the tent is still in good shape. You can find repair kits for most materials online or at your local camping supply place.

If you are using a camper, have any trailer repairs made before you leave. Also, check the tires are properly inflated and give it a good cleaning.

Restock the Basics

While you are checking your equipment, verify that you restock your basic supplies. Open up the first aid kit and make sure you have enough of everything. Bring along extra batteries for your flashlights and lanterns.

Verify that you have enough toilet paper and paper towels packed. Take extra garbage bags so you don’t leave any rubbish at your camp site. Tuck in some matches or a grill lighter for starting a camp fire or propane cooker. Make sure you have enough propane in the tanks.

Make a Meal Plan

You will need to bring food along with you. A meal plan makes shopping and stocking up easy. You should know how many meals you will need to prepare on the camping trip. Plan what you will eat at each meal. Try to choose meals that will let you use up the ingredients you bring so you don’t waste anything.

Once your meal plan is done, make a grocery list. With a plan and a list, you are not likely to forget anything.

Bring along Some Entertainment Options

Bringing along a few entertainment options on your camping trip will keep the fun going, even if the weather isn’t cooperating.

A Frisbee or a soccer ball is a great way to work off energy on a nice afternoon. Books are good for those who want to sit and relax for a while. Board games are perfect for mild evenings. A hiking guide can help you find new trails to explore.

These four checklist items will help you prepare for a fun, relaxing camping trip. What else do you plan to take on your next wilderness adventure?

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