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4 Facts to Know About Oil filled Radiator Heater Efficiency and The Cost to Run

When winter comes and the rainy season begins we all need some warmth. Even though the usual cup of hot chocolate does it for some of us, it does not reciprocate the change in environmental conditions. Hence the importance of an effective home heater. The oil filled heater radiator is among the conventional heaters that are mostly used domestically like in homes. The oil in the radiator is not used to fuel the radiator but is a reservoir. Here are some facts you need to know about oil filled radiator heaters.


The oil filled radiator is easy to move from place to place hence allowing one to increase the concentration of heat where it is required most. Models like the NewAir AH-450B have handles that enable one to carry it well and also reduces the risk of injury. It also comes with wheels that make it easy to move the radiator. Even though it doesn’t it sometimes proves difficult to maintain room temperature, its portability enables maximum dispersion of heat.

Energy Efficient

Electricity used to run the radiators is converted to heat and the rest is used to operate the control panel and other features like the resistor and thermostat; depending on the model. The diathermic oil also has a high heat capacity hence absorbs a high amount of energy before its temperature rises by one degree. Its ability to absorb large amounts of heat reduces the amount of energy used to power the radiator. Its thermostat alerts and triggers the resistors when room temperature is below the pre-set level. Once electricity is turned off, heat absorbed is released hence preserving energy.


Oil filled radiator heater is easy to install. The DIY (Do It Yourself) type of installation method makes it easier for one to do without any need of professional assistance. The thermal liquid is encapsulated inside so it doesn’t leak. All you need to do is plug it into a source of electricity


Due to its energy-saving properties, the best oil filled radiator heater is more economical in terms of purchase and maintenance costs. It uses very little electricity to charge up and the diathermic oil helps to preserve energy used. Energy saving, in turn, reciprocates to monetary savings. Most of these radiators are affordable and its purchase doesn’t run you broke.

Cost To Run

Oil filled radiators run at full power when it’s initially switched on hence consumes a little more power than usual. To calculate the maximum power output of oil filled by comparing to its maximum costs used in electricity. Power output is measured in Watts and cost of electricity is priced by measuring the units used. 1000 Watts = 1 KW (one unit of electricity).

So if your generator is rated at 3KW and you use it for five hours it will use a maximum of 15 units per day. When you multiply the cost of each unit by the number of units you will get the maximum running costs.

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