4 Features You Can Replace If You Can’t Afford a Full Kitchen Remodel

Realtors often believe that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Since most people spend significant time in these rooms each day, we want these areas to be attractive and highly functional. If you can’t afford to fully remodel your kitchen, consider replacing these four key features that could transform the way you store, prepare, and serve food in your home.

Expand Counter Space

Work areas in the kitchen rely primarily on open counter space. Take a fresh look at your kitchen layout to see where you can lengthen or widen counters to facilitate food preparation and to create a more open environment. A fold-down kitchen counter extension or a hinged drop-down countertop offer additional workspace when needed and can be tucked away at other times. New countertop colors, designs, and textures will brighten your kitchen’s overall appearance.

Photo by Four Brothers Design + Build

Update the Lighting

Your recessed overhead light fixtures or fluorescent bulbs not only look out of date but might not provide adequate lighting for all the tasks performed in the kitchen at various times of the day and night. Look for more up-to-date styles that will fit your kitchen décor. Shop for new lighting options like wall sconces or overhead lights for your sink, stove, and countertops to brighten these strategic areas as well.

Photo by Elizabeth Bowman Ltd

Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

Just replacing even the appliances in your kitchen in coordinating designs and colors can hugely improve the room’s appearance. Stainless steel is a popular choice for stoves, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers although white is still widely used in many homes. While selecting new appliances, you may want to reconfigure the plumbing for an old-fashioned farm sink with a pump handle or another style that will give your kitchen a distinct vibe. You can change out your sinks at the same time at reasonable cost to further upgrade the overall look.

Photo by Dan Kitchens Australia

Install New Flooring

Many people claim that when entering a room, they notice the floor first. Your kitchen floor can be replaced by planking, hardwood, or tile flooring to go with the other improvements being made. Accent rugs add splashes of color to coordinate with the appliances and fixtures. Shop for waterproof textures or finishes that will protect your new investment from splashes and spills.

Photo by Angela Dechard Design

Imagine your kitchen with a handful of improvements like these, and you are probably ready to start remodeling. Update your kitchen in part if not completely so you and guests can enjoy new conveniences and attractions.

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