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4 Good Reasons Why Scuba Diving Should Be In Your Bucket List

You are staring at your phone, scrolling through your feed after completing one of the most challenging tasks at work. Your eyes suddenly land on a scuba diving video. You quickly noticed the deep blue ocean and several diverse swimming exploring the vast marine life. That is why you think to yourself, “should I try scuba diving sometime?”

Well, you already know the answer to this question. You should lose yourself in the depths of the blue seas and oceans because it offers one of the best adventures you can ever experience. Most people that have gone scuba diving have found it almost similar to flying. Once you put on your scuba diving gear and toss yourself into the sea, you almost go against the laws of gravity. You float weightlessly through the Blue Waters alongside different fish species while exploring coral reefs and other marine elements.

But that’s far from the only reason why you should try scuba diving. This article looks at some of the other reasons scuba diving should be on your bucket list and some of the elements that make it a unique experience.

1. You Get to Experience an Entirely New World

We all know that a significant percentage of our planet is covered by water. Approximately 70% of Earth is covered by water. Therefore, it is ironic that many people have explored the high mountains and deep valleys more than the seas and oceans.

We can all agree that staying underwater for a long time can be a scary thought for the first time. Far from that, losing yourself into the depths of the ocean can be one of the most peaceful experiences. You transport yourself to a new and magical world filled with different species of marine life and unique ecosystems. This is far from what you have seen in an aquarium. Getting to watch an animal in its natural habitat can be entirely different.

2. It Helps Improve Breathing

From your first scuba diving lesson, you will learn to breathe deeply and slowly each time you lose yourself in the deep waters. This way, you can improve the durability of the air in your oxygen tank, allowing you to explore the ocean for a longer time. Health-wise, breathing deeply and slowly protects your lungs and benefits the entire body. It offers an effective way to increase your lung capacity, strengthen your respiratory system, helps balance your nervous system and drain mucus. Taking slow and deep breaths is also a great way to relax and achieve a calm and tranquil mind. You should already know this if you have been to a yoga class. Slow breathing can result in a positive attitude and prevent depression. That is why most people that scuba dive frequently have an infectious aura about them.

Taking deep and slow breaths also increases your oxygen intake which is essential in every physiological function. Higher oxygen levels increase your energy levels, improve circulation, and enhance the functionality of your lungs and heart, alongside enhancing mental processes. More oxygen flowing through your blood reduces the need for stimulants and intoxicants.

3. Improves Your Fitness Level

Diving ranks among one of the best exercises. It helps maintain stamina and general body fitness because exercising in the water offers better results due to the natural resistance between water and your body as you navigate through it. Each time you propel yourself forward, you work your leg muscles even if it feels effortless. It is for this reason that water aerobics is a great exercise.

Just like any other exercise, scuba diving enhances cardiovascular function, significantly reducing the possibility of suffering heart attacks, circulatory problems, and strokes. You also benefit from the pre-dive prep and the post-dive activities. Whether you lift weight belts, lift tanks, or walk-in scuba diving equipment, you exercise your muscles. Now you know why most scuba divers have a lean body and strong muscles.

4. It Improves the Overall Quality of Life

Scuba diving is great for anyone looking to add some excitement to their life. You get to travel around the world and experience different adventures such as Cozumel scuba diving. You get a healthy dose of vitamin D when scuba diving in warm climates, which can have a significant impact on your mood.

You also meet new people from different backgrounds in different scuba diving destinations during your scuba diving travels. Social interactions are essential in good overall health. As you travel, you also get to take a break from the demanding tasks that come with your professional life, which helps reduce stress.

The awe and wonder you feel when interacting with marine life during your scuba diving expeditions also enhances general well-being. You improve this feeling by encountering and interacting with species you feel attracted to or those you share particular respect with, such as sea turtles and sharks. This triggers a positive feeling in our nervous system, almost similar to those you get when showing affection towards your pet.

Have we talked about the experience of watching different species of reef fish all in different colors? Some scientific studies indicate that color has a significant impact on humans. When you notice an especially good color, it can help improve your mood and emotions. Looking at bright colors such as those of marine life found in the deep oceans can uplift your mood and emotions. Exposure to blue light also has a soothing effect which helps normalize high blood pressure. Water filters out the red color of the light spectrum after it passes through a few meters, leaving a relaxing blue color in the deep oceans.

If you have not experienced scuba diving before, some of the things mentioned above may seem exaggerated. However, scuba diving comes with many different advantages, all of which you should experience. If you are undecided about going scuba diving, there are several reasons why it should be your next adventure. First, scuba diving allows you to experience an entirely new world and helps improve your respiratory health. Scuba diving also improves your level of physical fitness and enhances the overall quality of life.

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