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4 Home Cleaning Tricks

No matter how big your house is or how beautiful your decorations are or how many expensive furniture pieces you own, if you have a house that is dirty, it does not feel good to live in.  I have experienced visiting homes of friends, which from outside look stunning but lo and behold become a big disappointment inside. There was a time when the house reeked of smelly garbage, which the owner tried to mask with a spray of air freshener. It made the smell worse actually.

So let me give you four home cleaning tricks that will surely work so your homes will be visitor-ready every time.

Keep the dust away.

No matter how we keep our windows and doors closed to shoo away the dust, those pesky little particles always find ways to settle on our furniture, tabletop or floor. So keep your trusty microfiber cloth to wipe the dust off. As much as possible, you would want to dry-dust instead of using a wet cloth. Remember to dust from the top part of the furniture at the highest point of the room. This way, you don’t miss out any part of the room or furniture, and you don’t accidentally spill dust all over the already-cleaned lower shelves.

Another thing to remember, thoroughly wipe down the things and surfaces that you usually touch in the room. For example, the tv surface, the table top where you put all your makeup, etc. These commonly held or used items carry germs, and you would want to remove them so you and your loved ones will not get sick.

Straighten up the fabrics.

No matter how clean the house, if the bed is unmade or the pillows on the couch are askew, it’s not a pretty sight. Make the beds straighten up the couch covers and pillows.

Clean up the floors.

It is advisable to sweep the floors every day. However, if you are doing a general clean-up sweeping is not enough. You should also vacuum clean the floor, nooks, and crannies and especially your carpet rugs. In the advanced technology that we have today, you can have a vacuum that can be manipulated using an app! Yes, you read it right, as found on SquiffyClean, there is a thing as a vacuum robot that has its own sensor and can be operated using an app downloaded on your phones. What’s good about this robot vacuum is that it can be used on the hardwood floor and also on carpets. This product surely makes cleaning interesting, right?

Clean your bathroom regularly.

The bathroom is the dirtiest part of the house, and I don’t think we need to elaborate on that further. Make it a habit to clean the bathroom at least once a week. Put up a shower rack where you can quickly pile up or organize your shower essentials and toiletries. Make sure also to place a clean trash can where you can put all the trash and don’t forget to bring it outside every day.

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