4 Items to Always Have With You on a Road Trip

There are certain things we all love to have on any great road trip: our favorite music, great snacks, and our friends or loved ones. However, those are simply the things we enjoy having. If you are going on a true road trip, there are certain things that will always want to have with you on a road trip. Below are the four things you want to check off your packing list before you hit the open road.

Emergency Services Traveling Kit

You should always have an emergency first-aid travel kit in your car. This isn’t just one simple kit you can buy at the store. The first and most important thing in this “kit” is an actual first aid kit. This will help you be prepared for all types of incidents while you are on the road. Your “kit” doesn’t end there. You should always have a gallon of water, a blanket, a Swiss Army pocket knife, and any other items you would need if your car completely broke down in the middle of nowhere without cell service.

Car Seat Organizer

While this won’t help in an emergency, it will certainly keep a massive headache caused by a cluttered car at bay. This simple car seat organizer is literally essential if you have a backseat passenger, especially a child. It hangs on the back of the seat and has pockets for anything they may need. From snacks and drinks to tissues and napkins, everything fits neatly in one place. Many seat organizers also have a central compartment that is insulated and zips closed for beverages. This can keep you from having to stop multiple times just to get a cold drink.

Emergency Phone Charging Supplies

Before any major road trip, you should put together a mini kit of everything you need to charge for your phone in an emergency. This doesn’t mean a car charger as you could be in a situation where your battery dies. You will want to have the charging wires that connect to a USB outlet. You should also invest in a cordless USB charger. You simply charge this ahead of time and then, in an emergency, you plug in your phone’s wire and it will do the charging without electricity.

Physical List of Phone Numbers

No road tripper is properly prepared without a printout of all emergency phone numbers. While these should also be stored in your phone, the printout ensures they are available even if your phone is dead. This list should include people like your primary care physician, your child’s pediatrician, the person you’d choose if you needed auto accident attorney services, and any family members you might need to call whose numbers you don’t have memorized.

Relax and take your mind off any worries while you’re on a trip. Preparing beforehand with the above 4 items will help your road trip be much smoother.

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