4 Lesser Known Locations in Florida That are Perfect for Your Beach Vacation

Florida has more coastline than any of the other lower 48 states. Like it or leave it, you can’t hate on their beaches. ‘The Sunshine State’ is known for having some of the most tranquil locations around. Beauty can be found from shore to shore, and along with magnificent sights come tourists. If you want to skip the crowds in Miami and Panama City Beach, then why not try one of these four lesser-known locations?

Shell Island

Do you love seashells? See why so many come to experience the fantastic shells found rolling in the surf. This uninhabited island is close to the Panama City Beach area in St. Andrew’s Bay. You must take a ferry or charter a boat to get here, but it’s a little piece of heaven. There’s nothing but sand and water for miles, and chances are you will be one of the few people on the island. It’s worth the effort to get here to see conch shells and whole sand dollars, rolling in the surf.

Juno Beach

Not all of Florida’s beaches have waves big enough to surf. However, Juno Beach is the exception. Surfers love this hidden gem. Located in Palm Beach County, which is the West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale area, you will undoubtedly find that this beach is off the beaten path. As a bonus, most of this area is pet-friendly too.

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a small place with only 8,500 residents. It’s known for having a small-town feel and not many tourists. It’s close to the Bradenton Beach area, so there are ample shopping and excitement close by. However, there are many vacation rentals for those who want to escape the tourists and do some serious relaxing. With the clear turquoise waters encapsulating, you won’t want to leave.

Cayo Costa State Park

Cayo Costa has a little bit of something for everyone. Close to the Fort Meyers area, people come here for the low-key vibes and nine miles of tranquility. There are ample seashells around, but one of its attractions is that it’s home to manatees, dolphins, and unique birds. There are just a few cabins you can rent among the unspoiled white sand, but you must take a ferry to get to the island. It’s a place for nature lovers to see an abundance of animals in their natural habitat.

James St. John [CC BY 2.0]

If you’re headed to Florida on your next vacation, you may want to check out some of these beaches that are off the beaten path. You may find the peace and tranquility you long for. Have you ever dreamed of buying an island and getting away from it all? Well, visiting one of these four lesser-known locations is the next best thing.

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