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4 Must-Haves for a Small House

For many people with small spaces they normally have a hard time figuring out which items are a must have in their homes. You will require items that will serve you and at the same time fit into your small house. Due to the space limitation brought about by space issues, this can be stressful. But, this does not mean that spacing your house to fit all your stuff is impossible.

With a small house, you need to get more creative when it comes to your storage, appliances, and furniture. Below are must-haves for a small house that will make your home feel larger and spacious despite its’ tiny size.

Multifunctional furniture

With so much evolving in the furniture world, there is a variety of furniture pieces ideal for any space. Pick furniture that can transition between rooms as well as accommodate different needs within your small space. There are many furniture pieces that serve different purposes such as an upholstered ottoman or bench which can be moved around a room and used both as seating, a coffee table, a side chair and even for storage. Another option is a pullout couch vs bed and drop leaf tables. A sleeper sofa or loveseat is also handy, especially when you have someone over.

Enough storage space

Storage space is a huge issue when it comes to organizing your items in a small house. You need to have the right storage space for all your possessions and other household stuff like clothing items, tools, toiletries, books, candles, etc. Find ways to store both your items. These can either be shelves, baskets, storage bags, sliding shelves for cabinets among other storage options.

Shelves can be installed in various parts of your house like in the kitchen, under the stairways, inside individual steps, along the walls, and even above the toilet. You can also put up floating shelves for a better visual appearance of your homes’ interior. Baskets are genius for hiding away remote controls, loose papers and all the other small things that clutter up rooms.

A space saving toilet

The bathroom area is one of the most delicate areas in a home. One needs a toilet that is well maintained with high levels of hygiene to ensure that you are free from any possible diseases. When choosing the best toilet, especially after taking into consideration and assessing your needs you need to ensure that you install the right one that will fit into your small house. There are different types of toilets suitable for a small house like the composting toilet among many other types. Pick a toilet that is waterless, environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use. Find more options by reviewing those at


Mirrors are essential for any small space. This is because they are capable of reflecting light which makes small spaces feel larger than their actual size. However, when you opt to use mirrors in your small house, limit the number of mirrors you use in a single room to add a natural feel to the room. Also, pick those that are large and always place them across from windows to maximize the amount of natural light in the room.

If not well organized a small space along with the occupants can make the entire house feel and look disorganized. Choose your household essentials carefully.

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