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4 of the Best Kinds of Vehicles for Frequent Family Road Trips

Family road trips can be fun for everyone, but only if you planned properly, and that included choosing the right vehicle. From taking weekend trips to visiting a new city or going on a family camping trip, the right kind of vehicle will make life much easier. Gas mileage, roominess, and the type of trip you go on most frequently are all important. Take a look at four of the best vehicles if you go on regular family road trips.

Family Station Wagon

Good, old-fashioned, family station wagons are sleeker and sportier than you might remember. Today, station wagons are stylish, and they typically have powerful engines and optional all-wheel drive. You’ll get to your destination quickly and smoothly in a sporty family station wagon. The kids will have plenty of room in the back seat, and the rear compartment has plenty of room for your luggage. Expect a station wagon with a V8 engine to get an average of 20 mph and a smaller, 4-cylinder engine to get around 30 mpg.

Full-Sized SUV

If you have a large family, nothing beats a full-sized SUV. You can find models that seat up to seven passengers. You can find a full-sized SUV with either a gas or diesel engine. Choosing diesel will get you better gas mileage and longer engine life. A large SUV can comfortably take the entire family on a long road trip. Equipped with a tow package and four-wheel drive, this powerful type of vehicle will also tow a trailer off-road for the ultimate camping trip.

Crossover SUV

A family-sized crossover SUV is ideal for weekend camping trips. These rugged vehicles are smaller and more nimble than a full-sized SUV, with much better gas mileage. Be sure to get one with all-wheel or 4-wheel drive if you plan to go off the beaten path. You’ll have enough room to pack the kids and your camping gear. A crossover SUV can often get about 30 mpg, and you can also find hybrid models. Best of all, these sporty, rugged vehicles are also great for commuting and bringing home groceries. If you’re considering a crossover SUV, take a look at vehicles like the Mazda CX-30 for sale.


The gas mileage on a motorhome won’t be very good, but taking road trips in a motorhome is the ultimate in roomy comfort. What you spend on gas can be offset by eliminating hotel bills and by gaining the ability to cook your own meals. You’ll have your own kitchen, bathroom, and everyone will have a bed to sleep in. A family road trip in a motorhome is a great way to tour the country’s spectacular national parks in an extended road trip.

Your lifestyle and the size of your family will help to decide which of these four options are best for you. Think about what type of road trips your family goes on most often to help decide what your priorities are.

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