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4 Precautions to Take if You Live in an Area That Gets Large Amounts of Snow

Winter weather is enjoyable for sports and nature walks, but it can cause problems when heavy snowfall occurs that can pile up in your driveway and cause other issues for your home. Here are four things to keep in mind as you plan for the next major snowfall.

Waterproof the Basement

One of the worst problems that can follow significant snow accumulations is moisture that leaks into the basement. A tiny crevice over time can lead to a major drip or leak that causes flooding and mold due to dampness from the melting snow. Contact a waterproofing company for a home inspection and estimate to have your basement waterproofed. The treatment will also help to protect your home during seasonal rains when water can leach into your foundation and basement.

Check Your Roof

Make sure your roof is in good condition without signs of worn or missing shingles. Your gutters and downspouts should also be working well to remove melting snow and ice from your home instead of letting it find a way to get inside your attic or walls. Have any repairs made before the snowy season arrives to keep your home dry as well as avoiding costly repairs when the snow starts falling. Roof repairs should be made before winter when the materials will adhere better than they would during cold weather.

Inspect Your Home’s Windows and Doors

If your windows are getting older, check to see if moisture is seeping in around the frames. Do the same for your doors. You might think a little bit of snow getting inside won’t hurt, but with each snowfall, the moisture damage will continue to expand and lead to potential problems later. Apply weather strips around each window and door to keep out cold air and moisture from heavy snow or rain. Look for signs of mold around those areas even if you don’t spot any standing or dripping moisture.

Keep Snow Removal Supplies on Hand

Stock up on snow removal equipment and supplies. You may want to invest in a snow blower to remove buildup in your driveway or on the home’s walkways. Alternately, you could buy a couple of snow shovels to have on hand along with a supply of rock salt or similar substance that can be put on snowy or icy areas to protect against slipping.

Don’t get caught in the middle of winter clearing heavy snow or its damaging effects on your home. Start planning now so you will be prepared when the winter weather hits.

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