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4 Great Reasons for You to go on a Gorilla Trek at least once in Your Lifetime

The experience of gorilla trekking, is unquestionably like no other within the animal kingdom. It is one of the all-time favorite spots of every adventure enthusiast out there. Gorillas are beautiful animals, and so is their habitat. They live in majestic mountains, with dense green forests. We have to admit that this dramatic landscape is not worth missing out!

1 New Properties:

New properties have either already opened up for travelers, or are soon-to-open in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. These properties will successfully facilitate the customer to enjoy and relax in luxurious lodges, and do some other great stuff! Let’s have a look at some of our best picks!

Bisate Lodge is built on 27 hectares of steep subprime agricultural land. It is an exclusive luxury lodge. You can relish the beautiful views of Virunga Massif through your room windows or terraces, while also having some of the best services and traditional meals!

The Gorilla’s Nest is a property that is no yet opened for all, but promises have been made that it will have its official inauguration for travelers later this year. This lodge, along with luxurious qualities, offers you an easy access to Virunga National Park. The view from this lodge is brilliant, while you also get to indulge more into its cultural properties.

One and Only Nyungwe House is our absolute favorite! It has a spa, and also a fine dining space. The travelers truly love living in this beautiful place.

2 Rwanda Celebrations:

Rwanda is a country rich in tradition and customs. One of their most amazing festivals, is Kwita Izina. This festival is celebrated each year here the locals of Rwanda celebrate the naming process of baby gorillas. It serves are a warm and beautiful practice that enables the tourists and the locals to bond privately with the gorillas, while also injecting among people a sense of respect for the species and their habitats. Up till now, 216 mountain baby gorillas have been named!

3 A Whole New World of Conservation:

You get to experience a world that is evidently close to Mother Nature. These hilly mountains where the gorillas live are intensely real. This feature makes gorilla safaris even more fascinating! There have been made no changes in their appearance, pathways etc. moreover, the travel fee, and the whole money these people make from the tourism, a large part fit goes to conservation and protection of these species and their habitat! This is your chance to contribute towards a good social cause!

4 There is So Much More!

Both Rwanda and Uganda, offer much more fun stuff to do than gorilla trekking. Rwanda has a world class museum, locate in its capital city. This museum is dedicated to the history of Rwanda. There are so many national parks that add to the heritage and beauty of both the counties. While travelling, people experience to be around all types of other species including animals, birds and mammals. This is truly and adventure of a lifetime!

Now, since you have enough reasons to go for a gorilla trek, offers some of the best trekking tours, along with wildlife and gorilla safaris. Their staff is trained and well-equipped, enabling you to draw out the most learning, fun and insight from our gorilla trekking experience!

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