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4 Things to Pack When You Travel

Travelling is one of the tremendous hobbies loved by people. But many times we complicate our lives just thinking that we have to pack for travelling. But in reality, it is something that should not generate stress. On the contrary, we should all pack with the same happiness with which we woke up the day we know we will not go to work, because we are waiting for some delicious days of sun, sand and sea!

The art of packing suitcases to travel by bus, boat, train or plane, is based on 2 objectives: maximum use of space and reduction of weight and volume of luggage. We know that packing is like any other errand, but if you follow our expert advice to pack your suitcase, you will see that this time you will pack your bags more smartly. For making it happen make a list of the essential things for a trip and the things you would like to take with you. Be realistic and keep in mind luggage limitations.

A well-prepared backpack is not the same as a backpacker tour through European capitals, doing adventure sports, camping in the icy mountains, traveling to a concert or a vacation with cultural purposes in the city.

You must adjust your luggage depending on the activities you are going to carry out during your trip being as selective as possible. Before packing your luggage here are some tips for packing:

  1. Once your backpack has weight, it will become the main burden of your trip.  Make your weight as easy and comfortable as possible.
  2. If you have personal hobbies such as photography, playing guitar, reading books, listening to music or playing video games, bring your equipment and accessories but do not forget that you must pay the price with more weight on your back. Ask yourself if it is truly necessary.
  3. Check out the weather, is it cold, take a coat. If it’s sunny, take a sunscreen. And so on. Find out about the weather in each city, asking other travelers or by reading in the local news.
  4. If you are traveling as a group take advantage of carrying common-use items and divide the weight according to the capacity of each one. (kitchens, tents, utensils, food)
  5. Place your clothes neat and compressed in plastic bags so that it is easier to get what you need out of the backpack. Roll up your clothes and put everything in small bags.

Clothing Sets

We always tend to carry too much and carry things that in the end we do not wear. To pack your suitcase well take what you wear normally, not what you would like to wear and that you always have cornered at the end of the drawer. Going comfortable is important and it is not the time to experiment. A good trick to do the luggage is to make sets of clothes, that is, to wear garments that combine with each other so you do not stop putting something because it does not match with the other clothes you wear.

So, if you’re only going to travel a few days, avoid having many clothes. But if it is a long trip, load with shirts, pants, dresses, skirts or shoes that can combine well with them.

Also, think that laundries exist all over the world and that clothes can be washed and thus you will avoid going very heavy. Remember to put the footwear. If you wear cashmere or silk items, place them at the top of the suitcase to avoid wrinkles, as do shirts, suits and even dresses.

Electronic Items

If you are traveling with a laptop, camera, tablets, or e-books. The best option is to get a suitable handbag or backpack for it and not bill these items on the plane. Thus, there is a problem of damaging which are expensive so it’s better to care this type of items in handbag.

Liquids Well

Soap and liquids are also one of the important things which traveler should prefer while traveling. If you are traveling with carry-on luggage, remember that they must be carried in individual containers with a capacity of less than 100 milliliters and in a transparent plastic bag with a capacity of less than one liter and take them in plastic bags so that they do not come off.


Remember that without documentation you do nothing, so protect it well and always carry it with you.

Hope this article will help you for packing Live a Long Life!

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