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4 Things You Can’t Live Without in the Winter Season

It is hard to think of winter conditions when it is sweltering 90 degrees F outdoors. However, in a few short months, the weather will change. Cold air, snow and ice, and whipping winds will show you just how unprepared you are. Here are 5 things that need to be addressed before the winter season arrives.

The Right Layered Clothing

Cold and damp equals hypothermia. It is necessary to consider more than just staying warm in the bitter cold. One of the biggest problems with warm clothes is that your body can overheat and sweat. Layering material properly can keep you dry and warm due to its waterproof or breathable properties. Here is the order of layering that will keep you toasty without the threat of sweating:

  1. Base layer – Silk, nylon, or merino wool all can keep you dry.
  2. Middle layer – Fleece and down are good middle layers for adding insulation.
  3. Outer layer – A waterproof and windproof nylon or down jacket is great for keeping the elements from reaching your skin.

Wool, polyester fleece, and leather are the top picks for keeping hands warm and protected from frostbite. Leather is not waterproof, however, so care must be taken to keep them dry.

Protect your feet with thermal or merino wool socks that repel water and sweat, but only to a point. If your shoes or boots continually allow snow and water to seep inside, no socks will be able to fight the dampness.

Ice Melt and Heated Driveways

Installing a heated driveway and Keeping sidewalks treated with ice melt is more than just a convenience. The Centers for Disease Control in the United States estimates that around one million people each year sustain injuries from icy surfaces. Broken legs, sprained ankles, and even death are caused by people of all age groups. The winter season may seem like a tiny part of the year, but the liability of injury continues to increase.

A heated entranceway, steps, or driveway can give you peace of mind and a show of determination to keep clients or family safe. Ice melt is a second great choice as long as persistence in applying is met.

Natural Cold Medications and First Aid Supplies

Cold weather is no time for insect repellant and sunburn lotion. Store these summer items until next year. Winter staples, like lotion for dry skin and cough syrup for colds, will now be taking a front-row seat in your medicine chest. Make this winter season better to cope with this year by going natural with prevention and cold weather ills. Items to shop for now include:

First aid supplies are crucial during cold weather. Treating frostbite is the most common injury during freezing weather. If you already have a first aid kit with bandages, alcohol wipes, and antiseptic cream, add hand and toe warmers, a thermal blanket, and burn cream.

Sealing Up Your House

It is a no-brainer to take out the screens and put in the storm windows as winter approaches. However, when that first burst of cold wind arrives, you will be reminded that cracks and holes have been forgotten. While it may not be possible to insulate your home properly, a roll of insulation and thick pieces of plastic can help. Don’t let stuffed blankets and towels under doors rob you of essential materials that provide your body warmth. Placing plastic over windows is a good way to stop wind in its tracks. Spray insulation along outside cracks will keep air and critters from entering your space. Wrap batts of insulation around exposed pipes and your water heater. This process will help you remember the importance of insulating once the snow melts.

We all like to forget about the downside of winter. By keeping these things in your mind, cold weather can be a more pleasant experience this year. It’s not too late to begin a few of these projects to ensure a more comfortable and healthier home during the blasting air, ice, and snow of winter.

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