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4 Tips for Choosing Where to Stay on Your Next Vacation

You’ve settled on a destination, booked your tickets and started daydreaming about your next vacation. Now it’s time to find the perfect place to stay. There are more options than ever when it comes to choosing vacation lodging. Discerning which is best for your travel goals can be challenging, but considering the pros and cons of four main types of accommodations can help.

Hotels—Comfort and Convenience

The traditional vacation accommodation, hotels are often the go-to choice because they are comfortable and convenient. They are easy to book, standards tend to be high, and you’ll never have to worry about arriving back after a long day of sightseeing to an unmade bed. Depending on your choice of hotel, you may enjoy amenities like luxurious room service or plush robes, and many travelers appreciate the security they get from booking with a well-known hotel chain.

Comfort and convenience do come with a cost. Hotels are often the most expensive option for traveling, and you’ll pay for the amenities you enjoy.

Rentals—Live Like a Local

The vacation rental market has exploded in recent years, and it’s easier and safer than ever before to book an entire home, condo, villa or room. The two greatest draws of rentals are the ability to live like a local and have privacy.

The downside of rentals is security, but doing your research before you book should alleviate any concerns you have. Book with a reputable agency that provides emergency support and be smart about the risks.

Inns—a Personalized Touch

If staying in a sprawling hotel doesn’t sound appealing, an inn may be the perfect solution. Often more intimate than hotels, inns can offer many of the same amenities but with a more personal touch.

Hostels—Inexpensive and Social

Hostels used to be mainly for young backpackers seeking adventure, but today’s hostels are comfortable, inexpensive and safe. You’ll save money by sharing accommodations with other travelers, but this is not a good option for those who value privacy and peace and quiet.

Choosing the right type of accommodations can be the difference between a restful, fun vacation and one that makes you wish you were back home. If you’re still struggling to decide what’s best for your needs and budget, continue your research while considering what you really want to get out of your next trip.

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