4 Tips to Make This Year’s Annual Family Ski Trip the Most Memorable Ever

Skiing is a great way to get closer to your family while having a great adventure. It’s a once in a lifetime journey to learn more about your own skills and build bonds with your loved ones. But, this type of trip can grow tiresome for your kids if it becomes a routine.

If a ski trip is a yearly occasion for your family, you’re probably searching for ways to make your next winter vacation seem special. Here are some really easy ways to prepare for a ski trip that your family will rave about for years to come.

1. Choosing the Best Slopes

There are so many different regions that you can ski in. Some resorts will be less intense than others, which is great for smaller children and beginners. But if your kids are seasoned, they might want to move up the mountain after a while. If they’ve been to the same resort year after year, it’s likely that they’ll be bored and rather stay in the lodge.

Maybe you have a specific slope that you’ve been going to for years. Have you thought about switching it up this year? Instead of going to the same slope, maybe it’s time to consider an entirely different region like Vermont, Utah, or Europe.

This doesn’t have to mean somewhere extremely far away. You could go to a slope close by that you normally don’t go to. That’ll give your children something to look forward to, especially if they’ve been going to the same slope for years.

2. Booking the Perfect Accommodations

The most memorable part of a ski trip sometimes isn’t just the skiing. It’s the lounging in the lodge, enjoying hot chocolate or a rich latte. Staying in a lodge is something that long-time skiers take for granted. They get comfortable at one resort and don’t branch out.

But finding a new lodge every trip makes things exciting and unique. Your children will love exploring a new place to stay. It brings a new life to trips that might have gotten stale. Look for ski lodges that offer extra activities for families.

3. Having the Right Style

The bulk of every ski trip will be spent in heavy coats, glasses, and pants. If your gear is outdated, a great way to get the family excited for winter is a complete makeover.

If you decide that you need to start looking for ski accessories, get yourself or your partner a new pair of Goggles, snow pants, caps, etc. If you have small children, you could even get matching ski suits for a cute mountaintop photo. It would be adorable provide memories for years to come.

4. Record the Memories for Forever

What ski trip would it be if you didn’t take photos, videos, and other memories? Make sure that you’re accounting for the weather though. It’s good to bring a high-quality camera for photos around the lodge, but you should also have cameras that are weatherproof.

Maybe consider getting a GoPro or something similar. It could be fun to have the camera strapped to either your or your child’s helmet. That way, they can look back on their trip and see exactly where they skied. Another idea is bringing a disposable camera. This will help your children learn to appreciate moments as unique and special.

Time to Hit the Slopes

With a new mountain to explore, an exciting lodge with great amenities, and upgraded gear, this will be the ski trip that goes down in the history books…or scrapbooks, if you and your children like to spend time organizing memories into full-page collages. A scrap book is a great way to bring the memories home. The only problem with having the best ski trip this year is the pressure to top yourself next year!

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