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4 Tips for Staying Sane on a Long Family Road Trip

With summer in full swing, you’re likely gearing up for a road trip with the family. The car is packed, your spirits are high, but you’ve suddenly realized that a mind-numbingly long car ride awaits you. If you’re looking for tips on how to combat the car ride blues, here are some pointers on how to maintain your sanity while the road trip is underway.

Come Fully-Loaded

Road trip 101 is having ample entertainment at your disposal. From tablets and books to music and movies, you’ll want an arsenal of distractions at the ready for when insanity threatens. Going hand in hand with these devices are headphones. There’s no easier or more efficient way to drown out background noise than with earplugs. Even if you aren’t listening to anything, others will interpret this as a “do not disturb” sign.

Pro tip: Invest in truck accessories like charging ports and power inverters to ensure that your mobile device stays juiced the whole time.

Dress Comfortably

Nothing will trigger stress quicker than being uncomfortable. With that said, it’s imperative that you dress as though you’ll be sitting in a car for hours on end. One article of clothing that rookie passengers often overlook are shoes. If you’re prone to sweating, consider an open toe sandal that allows for breathability.

Make Sleep a Priority

Any experienced traveler will tell you the importance of catching some z’s on a seemingly endless trip. If possible, consider staying up the night or day before to guarantee that you’ll get some rest. A sleep aid may come in handy as well. Not only is this a savvy way to kill some time, but it’s relaxing as well. Before you know it, you’ll have reached your destination with your sanity in tow.

Map out Your Stops

You’ll inevitably have to stop for food or the bathroom while on the road. Though it’s almost impossible to determine when nature will call, holding off on the beverages will keep those breaks to a minimum. By mapping out your stops in advance, you’ll be able to expedite the process and, in turn, keep your sanity in check.

With some forethought and preparation, you can streamline a dreaded family road trip. In the hopes of avoiding an unpleasant car ride and sullying your vacation, bear the above considerations in mind while en route.

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