5 Amazing Countries to Visit on a Student Budget

You’ve been studying hard this term, so a proper vacation is due. Preferably, the one including traveling outside of the US, with solid cultural immersion, rich sightseeing and… affordable costs of stay.

I do my essays well and now I’d like to rest well, too. But my budget is limited, where could I go for that kind of money? Chances are high you were in a situation like that many times. Funds are scarce, friends have already planned out their vacation but you couldn’t join because of being low on dough.

Say no more! With these 5 amazing holiday destination points fit for even the tightest pocket you’ll both have great time and stay within a restricted budget.


In the footsteps of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Narcos, Colombia is one of the most hyped and attractive countries to visit in South America. Here you have the Caribbean coast, Amazon jungle, Andean mountains, as well as a unique mix of Spanish, Caribbean and Indigenous cultures. Plus, Colombia is an astoundingly cheap country in terms of accommodation and cuisine. For only $30 a day you could have a hands down amazing pastime in this exotic country.


A little bit mainstream variant but still the one to consider. You won’t be traveling too far, still you’ll be exploring deathly desserts, fuggy jungles filled with rich wildlife, white-sand seashores and desolated lagoons. In addition, vibrant atmosphere of Mexico City won’t leave you indifferent, that’s for sure. In terms of finances, the country is even a cheaper option than Colombia – $25 a day will be sufficient enough to provide for the accommodation, food, drinks and entertainment.


Although the flight to India will be quite costly, the actual stay in the country will be relatively cheap – $20 a day on average. Today, India is a popular destination for students and young people, looking to explore a unique culture and exquisite nature. Lots of places to visit both in rural and urban areas, cheap prices for accommodation and foods, as well as unforgettable traveling experience are all included in the trip package. Booking a flight in advance to save some money would be a great idea.


Visiting Europe is usually associated with rather serious expenditures. However, there’re a couple of options you’ll find attractive. First and foremost, it’s necessary to mention Europe’s most heavily kept traveling secret – Albania. Located in Central Europe, it borders on Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro, offering amazing beaches on the coasts where Ionic Sea meets Adriatic, and picturesque villages high in the mountains, which seem like they’ve been frozen in time for centuries. Daily budget – $40.


In case mostly maritime pastime in Albania is a bit above your budget, opt-in for one of the most affordable vacations spent in Romania. It’s capital – Bucharest, is also known as “Eastern European Venice”. Daily budget titters around $30, which is as budget-friend as it only can be in Europe. Enjoy country’s distinctive culture, Bucharest’s architecture and lively night life. Have many of your US friends been to Romania? Be among the first to boast spending a vacation in a country no one even knows to actually exist!

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