5 Beautiful and Unique, Beach Bars and Restaurants Which Offer a Sense of Timelessness

Do you ever wish your summer vacation never end? In the world there are many things that are look like they not belong to our planet and offer a sense of timelessness. We represent you 5 beautiful and unique, beach bars and restaurants which need to visit.

1. Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Flojd’s Pelican Bar is located on the southwest coast of Jamaica. It is a tiny bar made of driftwood stilted on a huge sandbar about ¾ mile out in the sea. Just give a few dollars to a fisherman and he will gladly move up to the beautiful cabin for a leisurely summer drinking.

2. Badeschiff Poll Bar

The Badeschiff is one of the most extraordinary beach bars in Berlin and is a symbol of the modern and creative city. It is so special that definitely deserves a spot on this list. Besides the wooden deck, bar and DJ, the most unique feature of Badeshif a public pool that floats in the river Spree. The bar offers a variety of summer cocktails and barbecue for a long, relaxing vocation.

3. Rock Bar

Rock Bar is considered as one of the best places to drink in Bali. The bar is located on a rock formation above the Indian Ocean. Throughout the day and night there is a DJ who entertaining the guests.

4. Bomba’s Surfside Shack in Tortola

This bar is made from old telephone poles and other wood waste. But do not be fooled by the exterior. Bomb is a particularly popular destination for fun and is especially known for the full moon parties that attract tourists from around the world.

5. The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar

In Rock Restaurant, which is built on top of a lonely rock off the coast of Tanzania you can taste the freshest seafood and besides you can refresh yourself with a great local beer. Eating at Rock Restaurant is an experience you can’t miss: colours, relish and sensations blend together in unique magic.

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