5 Best Places to Visit in 2016

Holiday time is it? The world is a wondrous place full of natural and manmade sights to behold. And every year it seems the countries of the world are opening up to tourists and offering their local cultures and landmarks for the avid tourists. Today we list 5 of the best places to travel in 2016.


Tourism in Romania is slowly picking up. The world is realizing the beautiful sights and towns that lay is this small eastern European country. With scenic, colorful villages and a buzzing nightlife in most towns. Romania has quickly become a hotspot of tourism, drawing hundreds to see the classic architecture and deep history of the nation. Find a vast range of different places to visit from medieval castles to modern day architecture, Romania has something to offer everybody.


Remaining somewhat mysterious, Albania’s neighbors have quickly realized it as an ideal place to visit. Those who travel to Albania will be greeted with many UNESCO world heritage sites such as ancient Greek cities and Ottoman influences dating back thousands of years. Find your way to the beaches of the Ionian coast or into the mountains to see crisp mountain lakes and rivers.


Forget the bad reputation this small South American country has, it is all in the past and the government has done a great job of stabilizing the country. Welcoming locals will be delighted to help point you out to the local sights and sounds, or to the ivory sand beaches that gracefully greet the Caribbean. The nightlife seekers will find plenty to do in buzzing towns like Medellin and Cartagena. Coffee lovers will get the chance to try the new local produce of a quickly growing coffee industry that has taken the nation by storm.


Now that US relations have been reestablished, this idyllic island in the Caribbean is doing anything it can to increase the tourism of the island. Bars, restaurants and theaters are popping up in Havana and other towns just waiting to be explored by the travelers of the world. The rural countryside is a must for all tourists to the island, with old world Spanish architectural influences this can be a trip back in time.


The home of the highest mountain in the world, but it’s not just for the climbers out there. The local people have done a world class job of recovering from major earthquakes recently and the tourists are slowly returning to the secluded country. An ideal destination for those who love to be with the wilds. Find a local tour guide and set out on a trek with the towering Himalayas as your scenic backdrop.

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