5 of the Best Things to Do in the Western United States

You may miss out on seeing the Niagara Falls or the Statue of Liberty by visiting the Western side of the U.S, but the Western half of the United States promises to offer places and monuments that are just as special. If you’re traveling West this summer and you’re looking for a list of things to do and see, check out some of the smart choices below which are sure to offer you a unique experience.

Horsetail Fall – California

The chances of seeing the Horsetail Fall on a visit to California are low, as it is only visible for two weeks in the year during the month of February. However, if you are in the area in February there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn your attentions to this amazing natural attraction. At sunset, the sun shines right onto the waterfall and it lights up as if it were on fire. If you manage to get photos of this you will be very popular among your friends.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone – Wyoming

This place doesn’t offer the real Grand Canyon we all know and love, but this place is truly special. The area was formed within Yellowstone Park and is one of the most naturally beautiful waterfalls on the planet. If you’re looking to do a bit of sightseeing during your time in the West you should make it a priority to visit Yellowstone Park so you can take advantage of the views The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone has on offer.

Zion National Park – Utah

Zion National Park promises to offer a great experience for climbers, swimmers, trekkers and campers. Zion National Park is filled with wildlife and houses more than 280 species of birds, as well as many other protected animals. If you love nature and the environment you will love Zion Park as it offers three campsites so you can sleep right on nature’s doorstep.

Painted Hills – Oregon

When you first catch a glimpse of the Painted Hills your jaw will instantly hit the floor and you’ll pinch yourself just in case you’re dreaming. However, Painted Hills is very much real and the painted hills provide views you never thought were possible. The hills genuinely look like they’ve been painted, but the natural rock erosion provides the colors that make this place in Oregon a natural wonder.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison – Colorado

If you don’t like heights and crystal clear views the Black Canyon of the Gunnison probably isn’t the experience for you. If, however, heights and crystal clear views are something you’re fascinated with, get yourself to Black Canyon to take advantage of the amazing views on offer. There are more than 30,000 acres of land for you to explore at the bottom of the Canyon, making the area perfect for hikers and climbers.

The Western United States offers some truly magnificent views and plenty of new experiences. If you’re visiting the Western side of the country there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pay attention to the above places as they are almost certainly going to give you that wow-factor many other places can’t offer.

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