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5 Churches in and around South Goa to usher in the Yuletide spirit

If you are the one who loves visiting churches, especially at the time of Christmas, or during the pre Christmas, Yuletide season, we have a great surprise for you. Churches are not a rarity in India, but how about a combination of the best churches and the beauty of the beaches? Sounds great, doesn’t it? But to be able to experience this great sight, you will have to put in some effort as well. You will have to book yourself a Delhi to Goa flight. We are sure this is not too much to ask for, that too if you are interested in the great deal being offered to you.

Whether you have visited Goa before or not, you certainly should experience the wonderful churches that are present in South Goa. These are a few of the best churches in the country, and are also the ones which are visited by people from all across India. So if you are wondering which churches you should visit during your visit to Goa, we have the answer for you. And without taking too much of your time, we will present to you the 5 best churches in South Goa, or around it, in which you can kick in the Yuletide spirit with full zest.

Monte Hill

Located in Margao in South Goa, this is a church that has amazing ratings on a lot of overview sites. It is considered that all major areas in Goa support a hillock, and this holds true for Margao as well. Monte Hill is considered as the highest point across Margao, thus allowing the church to have a spectacular view of the whole town of Margao. This area also houses a chapel of what the locals call ‘The Lady of Mercy’ or Calcada de Nossa Senhora de Piedade. This chapel is also one of the quite popular places among the tourists as well as the locals. The view around the church is simply breathtaking with the sea breeze blowing through; it is a perfect place if you are looking for a quite place to connect with the Lord. If you are in seek of Nirvana, book yourself a Delhi to Goa flight, and maybe the multitude of churches here can end your quest.

Church of the Holy Spirit

This is another church in the South Goa district of Margao, an additional advantage of visiting this church is its closeness to Colva Beach, which is one of the popular beaches in South Goa, so once you are done with your prayers in the church, you can come down to the beach, for a relaxing sun bath. The church of the Holy Spirit is located in the Church Square, also called the Largo De Igreja. Along with housing the church, this area also has multiple buildings and houses from the Portuguese era, which makes this area important from the historical and cultural aspect. This is also what adds on to the charm of this place. So don’t wait much, book yourself a Delhi to Goa flight, and get set to explore the Portuguese heritage.

St. Alex Church

This is located in the Curtorim Village of South Goa, and is one of the best rated churches of the area. It is often visited by locals as well as tourists in search of Nirvana. This church was built in the year 1597, and is considered as one of the oldest churches in Goa. It is located in a village where the predominant population is of catholics. The church often acts as the landmark, as well as the main tourist attraction available in this small village. Thus church is placed at the spot where there was once a Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva. The church has a beautiful view around it, with Angoddi Tollem Lake flowing in its background. The white washed church with beautiful palm trees around should be a reason for you to take the next Delhi to Goa flight.

Rachol Seminary and Church

This is also located in Margao and was built in the year 1580, but was transitioned into a Diocesan Seminary only in the year 1762. This is a church and seminary that has in its surroundings a Muslim fort and rice fields, and is considered as one of the initially built, limited seminaries found in Goa. Here one can find the very first printing press that was set up in India, in the year 1616. It was set up here in this seminary only, and was primarily an evangelical publication, which reproduced Christian Literature. So if you want to know more about the history, apart from just gaining inner peace, this should be your preferred location, and the reason for you to get a Delhi to Goa flight.

St. Ignatius Loyola

This is another church that is located in the similar campus as that of the seminary mentioned above. This church was built in dedication to the saint after whom it has been named; who was also the one who founded the Jesuit order which is in practice till today. 4 centuries after it was set up. This church also has a statue of Constantine, which is believed to have been built by his own shreds and vial of blood that was brought here from Rome, in the year 1782, to be enshrined in the church after him. Many such similar stories can be heard when you take the Delhi to Goa flight and visit the churches with intriguing history.


Goa is home to a lot of cool things and places, be it great beaches, with amazing views, or beautifully built churches with an engaging history. And adding on to this is the cultural heritage of the Portuguese city. This is the perfect place for you to come and have relaxing time on the beach, as well as in the multitude of churches that are found here. So check out details of Delhi to Goa flight now!

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