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5 DIY Projects in Which You Will Need Miter Saw

A miter saw is an amazing power tool that can transform any piece of wood into a masterpiece. With a miter saw, there are so many projects you can do within your home. This is because this power tool is designed to make accurate cuts without being limited by the thickness of the wood. You can also make spherical cuts using its turning blade. With a miter saw, you don’t need to work on one project for several weeks because it cuts through wood at the speed of lightening. And since it uses electricity to drive the motor of the blade, you can cut tones of wood without getting exhausted. There are some homeowners that have a miter tool but don’t know how or when to use it. Below is a list of DIY projects that require the use of a miter saw.

Removable Drawers

Removable drawers are usually needed in the bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen. They are used for storing the stuff that you use on a daily basis including valuables such as watches, pens, knives and towels. With a miter saw, you can make such drawers from scratch. But will first have to buy some wood and nails. Before you cut the wood into various sizes, it’s advisable you first measure the dimensions of the drawers. This will ensure that the wood you cut is neither too long or too short. The advantage of using this type of a saw is that you can make an incision handle on the wooden panels that are on one side of the drawer.

Storage Box

A storage box is used for keeping things such as tools and treasures. When you are armed with a miter box, you can make a customized box that’s roomy enough to accommodate all your stuff. Since you will be able to finish cutting all the wood that’s needed to make the box in a matter of minutes, you can finish the project in one weekend. You can even manage to create several boxes in one weekend. Besides that, you can make small partitions in the box so that it can also be used for storing empty soda or beer bottles. However, you will need to use a stand when operating the miter saw. Before you buy such a stand you should check the optimal miter saw stand reviews and analysis to get more insights.

Picture and Mirror Frames

When you are a proud owner of a miter saw, you don’t have to buy picture frames. This you can make them from scratch. Since the saw can make precision cuts of less than 90 degrees, you should be able to design your own frames. You can also use the same power tool to make mirror frames. A mirrored frame actually looks stylish when mounted on the wall. In addition to that, the frame helps in preventing injuries that come about when people touch the edges of the mirror especially when it has not been sanded.

Bookshelf Mountain

Books look nice when they are arranged on a shelf. In fact the way you keep your books reflects on your degree of organization. If you have many books, you should consider building a bookshelf mountain. With such a shelf, you will be able to arrange your books the way you want. Depending on the space you create in the shelves, some book can lean on the wall while others can be laid on the panels of the shelves. To get started with this project, you will need to cut the wood planks into the specified sizes. With a miter saw, you can finish such a project in less than three hours because you only need to cut the wood, join the pieces using nails and then mount the entire frame on the wall.

Wooden Wardrobe

A miter saw comes in handy when you want to make a wardrobe. Although a home made wardrobe may not be as stylish like those sold by furniture outlets, it will still serve the purpose of creating space for your clothes. The advantage of making the wardrobe yourself is that you can always modify it to suit your needs. With a miter saw, you can make angled cuts without worrying about the precision of your cuts. The quality of the finish is guaranteed when you place the saw on top of a stand because the workpiece will remain firm.

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