Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to travel and truly experience the cultures of the places you are visiting, whilst also giving back to the communities that are hosting you. Here are 5 great places to get involved…


It is easy to see why Australia made it to our list of exciting volunteer destinations. This sub-continental country has a very thriving tourism scene, featuring some of the world’s most unique wildlife. From exciting and wide wildlife expanses, to vibrant cities, and of course, very exciting beach scene, Australia seemingly has it all.

Volunteering opportunities here are numerous and varied, depending on your skill and interest. Go fruit picking in the summer, taking frequent breaks to enjoy the beach afterwards in the East Coast. Alternatively, take up conservation and tailor a volunteering experience around the exciting experiences with wildlife and the environment. Work with endangered animals or help farmers co-exist with nature, the choice is yours. Australia is particularly good for volunteering as you can combine it with a wider trip where you rent a motorhome and travel around some more of the sights.

5 Exciting Places to Volunteer Abroad

Costa Rica

This country’s natural scenes are very exciting, while its unique culture provides for a once in a lifetime experience. Volunteering here will definitely be a rich experience for anyone. Choose from a variety of volunteer programs, helping give back to a community in need of help while learning from them in return.

You can decide to help with sustainable construction projects in the community, helping the community build a sustainable future for their coming generations. You can also work with children in the community, teaching them English as well as working with other volunteers in logistics jobs to care for them. Alternatively, you can work with environmental agencies in conservation projects, helping preserve their rich wildlife scene.

5 Exciting Places to Volunteer Abroad


India’s vastness is truly mind blowing. The country is not just large in size and population, it is large in attractions and opportunities. With literally thousands of attractions scattered throughout its vastness, India provides excitement right from when you touch down. From temples, spiritual sites, jungles, beaches, architecture, to gastronomy, there is no shortage of things to see.

As for volunteer opportunities, they are just as many. Volunteer with the Willing Workers in Organic Farms (WWOOFing) concept, a network of volunteers who work with farmers in this respect. It is also has the added advantage of being an inexpensive volunteer concept. Alternatively, get involved in community outreach and economic empowerment programs that work with specific vulnerable groups: from orphans, to prostitutes, poor in society, physically challenged, to the girl child.

5 Exciting Places to Volunteer Abroad

United States

The USA has a thriving philanthropy scene, with a host of volunteer opportunities available across the country. If you are interested in conservation, there are quite a few opportunities around, ranging from the Earthwatch Institute with placement in cities, to the fun Institute for Cultural Ecology, based in the exciting Hawaii state. You can also volunteer with animals in shelters across the states, working with abandoned cats, dogs, and other pets as your interest guides you. Intervene in underprivileged local communities as well, if you want to work with people, and enjoy helping touch lives with marginalized communities.

5 Exciting Places to Volunteer Abroad

South Africa

The Rainbow Nation is an exciting and vibrant place to volunteer. With a warm and welcoming people, beautiful landscapes, and tasteful urban scenes, your experience here will be truly rich.

Teach sports to children from disadvantaged communities, care for orphans, or work in a community building project to bring crucial infrastructure to them. You can also work in conservation, working with endangered wildlife in private reserves or even with horse riding community projects.