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5 Fairytale Places to Stay and Feel Like a Disney Princess

You may be one of the many little girls that grew up watching your favourite Disney movies again and again dreaming of one day meeting your Prince Charming. Hopefully you have met your Prince and the two of you are living happily ever after.

But even princesses need a vacation from the stresses of day to day life. Here are five places to stay and feel like the fairy tale has come to life. Even if you aren’t royalty you can pretend to be for the duration of your stay.

A Palace in India

If you are strong willed, independent, and a bit stubborn staying in a palace in India is a fabulous experience. The Sariska Palace was built as a royal hunting lodge and it sits on the edge of Sariska National Park. Merida would have no problem staying here and there would be plenty of opportunity for her to hone her archery skill in the extensive lawns and courtyards. The interior suites are a blend of French and regal architecture and the opulence of this palace will astound all who stay. You can easily go on safari to see fantastic animals like tigers and elephants. Visit Greaves India for more information.

A Shell House

If Ariel had been able to leave the sea she would definitely have felt right at home in the Shell House in Isla Mujeres. You will definitely feel like as you stay in this lovely home that is only steps from the sea and contains two master bedrooms, a private pool, and a 180 degree view of the ocean. The bathrooms have shell fixtures, and it comes with a kitchenette, and maid service. This is a perfect place to host a wedding or take a romantic vacation.

A Balinese Villa

The feisty, independent Mulan would have felt right at home in a Balinese Luxury Villa in Costa Rica. Villa del Lago at Los Elementos is a short drive from Dominical and it the perfect place to relax after battling the Huns. Relax in the serenity of lakes, gardens, lotus ponds, and a pagoda that are steps from the ocean. Enjoy creating meals in your large kitchen or hire a private chef to cater to your every whim.

A Castle in Scotland

If you want to feel like Rapunzel consider renting a castle in Scotland. The 15th Century Castle near Inverurie is a thirty minute drive from Aberdeen and it is part of the castle trail region. The third story windows are perfect for letting down your hair and pulling your prince up. You can always purchase hair extensions if your hair isn’t quite long enough for the task. The castle has a large open fireplace, can comfortably sleep 14 guests, and has large halls for entertaining. It sits on 30 acres of private grounds that include lush forests for hiking, extensive gardens, and lawns for frolicking. LTR are experts in UK travel and arranging castle stays.

Riads in Morocco

Jasmine and Aladdin would really feel at home staying in a 4 bedroom riad in Marrakech, Morocco. Relax in your own personal pool, and enjoy full modern amenities like a widescreen tv, dvd player, a fully equipped kitchen, and a large dining room for entertaining guests. For more info check out these amazing riads.

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