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5 Great Things to Do on the Water in San Diego

Mention San Diego in casual conversations nearly anywhere throughout the world and most folks know exactly where it is. San Diego captures California’s essence, bottles it and presents it to you gift-wrapped. Whether you want activities based in or on the water that are mellow, romantic, thrilling or awe-inspiring San Diego has the right fit for you.

Surfing for the Novice to the Expert

San Diego offers approximately 70 miles of ocean coastline to bring out your inner surfer. The Pacific Ocean is notoriously challenging to surfers in most regions. However, San Diego offers miles of gentle inlets and protected stretches of water ideal to the beginning surfer. These areas allow novice surfers to practice and make mistakes without treacherous results.

If death-defying reefs that provide perfect waves for world-class surfing is more your speed, San Diego coastlines provide the stimulation you crave.

Jump the Waves with Jet Skis or Water Skis

Sometimes your need for speed simply takes over, even on the water. If you enjoy exciting hours jumping the waves or the wake, Volvo penta engines provide the power you want. Bring your own Jet Ski or Ski Boat if you want. Most folks find it convenient to rent these items by the hour or for the day. Explore the coastline alone or join a guided tour for a glimpse of areas known only by the locals.

Watch the Whales

Whale-watching excursions are a popular activity off the coast of San Diego. Whether you go alone or with your family people of all ages enjoy this activity. Get a glimpse of these giant creatures of the sea that most folks never see. Your family will enjoy telling stories of whale-watching for years to come.

Ocean Kayaking and Paddleboarding

Taking a kayak or paddleboard out on the water is a lovely way to explore the coastline. You’ll want to make sure to use ocean-going craft for the safest experience. Often, informal groups will go out together to explore hidden coves. You may enjoy a guided tour taking ocean kayakers into special areas.

Paddleboarding is a relatively new ocean-going activity. Many paddleboarders enjoy taking their pup along for the adventure. Point Loma and La Jolla offer miles of interesting coastline to explore at your leisure.

Enjoy Swimming, Snorkeling and Evening Walks in the Surf

Sometimes, the simplest activities are the most memorable. San Diego offers countless beaches for your swimming enjoyment. Many inlets and reefs offer spectacular sights when you go snorkeling. Some of the world’s most beautiful sea life is available for your viewing pleasure. Snorkeling is a fun activity for sea lovers of any age.

Kick off your shoes and take a romantic walk in the surf. Strolling in the gentle rolling surf at the end of a perfect day on the water is a great way to enjoy the ocean and make plans for an even better tomorrow. San Diego offers something for everyone to do in, on and around the water.

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