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5 Home Décor Tips To Refresh Your Home

It does not matter where you live, how cool your home looks, or how amazing it feels – eventually, you will get bored of it. And there is no reason to feel guilty about it. It is perfectly normal to want to spice up every area of your life – even your home.

With our handy list of tips on how to upgrade your home, you will be able to revive that “new home pride!

Just Lighten Up

Painting the walls of a room will change the look of it, but did you know that using a lighter color of paint will make a room appear larger than what it actually is?

It is true! Lighter walls make the whole room feel open while darker shades give the feeling of enclosed, tight spaces. To make it long lasting, use a neutral color, that way if your tastes change you can switch your décor without worrying about a new wall color.

Find Your Fit

Not too sure about your style? Can not find the right “look”?

Do not shovel out an arm and leg on furniture you may not keep, consider renting some pieces to try instead. A great way to see how pieces would look in your home without the full commitment is through websites like furniture rental.If you do not like how it looks (or only like certain items) it is easy to send items back in and try something new.

Be Timeless

Most folks nowadays live in the “Here and Now” – meaning they go out and take part in the newest fashions, colors, ideas, and trends almost immediately. Take a step back from the “now” and think about the “later”. Will that trendy piece of furniture (couch for example) you want look amazing next year? If not, look for something that can live with for a few years.

Remember, you can always accent with “now” colors and designs by adding in décor, wall art, pillows, and curtains. This will keep your home trendy without breaking the bank.

Blend the Ages

Have some pieces you cannot find the heart to throw away? Do not worry, you could always update them instead! There are plenty of “how to” and “DIY” videos out there on how to restore, refurbish, and redo furniture. Using a chair as an example, you can easily repaint the chair and recover the cushion. Go to your local fabric store and find a fabric that will fit with the new design of your home.

The same thing can be done for tables, cabinets, and dressers. You can strip the wood and either paint or re-stain it to not only freshen it up, but to have it accent the rest of your space. Before committing to refurbishing anything though, read through some “DIY” instructions online to make sure you can do it.

Your Home is You

Everyone has their two cents to put in when they find out your renovating. Always remember that your home is exactly that – YOURS. It reflects your personality and preferences.

If you want it to be full of loud and bold colors – DO IT!
Need a peaceful, calming space instead? – MAKE IT SO!
Want to dedicate the house to your favorite rock band? – PARTY ON!

Whatever the case is design and decorate it the way YOU like it – after all, you are the one that has to live there!

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