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5 Offbeat Home-Based Improvements You Can Do Using a Sewing Machine

Did you know you can improve your house with a sewing machine? No, really, you can. From hammocks, pillows out of old jackets, and so much more, there’s nothing you can’t handle with a little needle and thread.

These small sewing projects, which can be easily accomplished with a home embroidery machine, can transform any room in your home into the stylish living space of your dreams. Here are just 5 of the thousands of DIY home improvements you can do with your expert (or not quite so expert) sewing skills.

Hammock Chair

This DIY hammock chair is a uniquely styled project, perfect for younger children or shorter adults. Built mainly from rope, wood, and fabric it is a relatively inexpensive item to embark on. The rope and wood, you can find at your local hardware store. However, you will need to make sure it can withstand 200-250 pounds so it doesn’t fall apart on your first go. The seat, made from fabric, can be bought at your local fabric store and built via your sewing machine. The project can take only a few hours to make and looks great on a porch or empty room. This is a must try for those who prefer to read or relax in private.

Check out the tutorial here.

Image source and credit: Abeautifulmess

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Color Block Throw Pillow

These color block throw pillows are simple enough for anybody to sew, whether you’re using a basic sewing machine or an industrial one. Not only are they incredibly easy to make, they will also look great in any home. Spruce up your sofa or place a few on your bed. No matter the size of your living room, it will look fantastic in a matter of minutes. These pillows are so simple and chic, your friends will be asking where they can buy them. Choose any combination of colored fabrics you want. This tutorial chose to go with navy blue, coral, and white, but you can use any colors that you feel would match your decor.

Check out the tutorial here.

Image source and credit: ClassyClutter

Fabric Heart Coasters

If you are searching for simple home improvements, look no further than these adorable fabric heart coasters. These coasters are great for everybody. They are easy enough to make for those who are just beginning to learn how to sew. For you expert sewers, this is a great way to use all those fabric scraps that you just can’t bring yourself to toss out. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to sew these coasters. Or, if hearts aren’t your style, you can cut out any shape you like! That is the great thing about DIY projects, you can customize them to be whatever you like.

Check out the tutorial here.

Image source and credit: ThirtyHandmadeDays

Throw Blanket

You can never have too many blankets in the house, especially in the wintertime. This throw blanket is so simple to make that everybody can enjoy it. All your need is two pieces of fabric, your sewing machine, and any other design elements you want to include. Consider using fabric paint to add a few stripes or other designs. This throw blanket is perfect to use as an extra around the house blanket or as an outdoor picnic blanket. Pretty soon you will be all snuggled up with a mug of hot cocoa and your new blanket.

Check out the tutorial here.

Image source and credit: MakingLemondeBlog

Extra Long Lumbar Pillow

The extra-long lumbar pillow is the ideal mix of comfort and utility. This DIY pillow project is great for pregnant mothers or those who require a bit more support when sleeping. The lumbar pillow can be made from just two parts; a longer body pillow and a couple yards of fabric. You can use any color or pattern of fabric you want. Ideally, for the pillowcase, you can simply sew 2 long pieces together at the top and sides, insert the body pillow, and boom, done! For such an easy project to accomplish it delivers a great deal of comfort as well as a beautiful look for any bedroom.

Check out the tutorial here.

Image source and credit: LizMarieBlog

You may have a beautiful home, but without personal design touches, it can feel empty. Creating new home products with your sewing machine isn’t just a cheaper option to improve your home environment but also a great way to tap into your creativity. There is a sewing project for every aesthetic and style.

Hopefully, these 5 home improvements not only improve your everyday life but can develop into a traditional way to make products on your own. Remember, home improvements help raise your property value. We’re of course, referring to larger projects, but nothing you cannot do on your own.

Do you have any favorite DIY home projects you’re proud of? Have you tried any of these before? Let us know in the comments below. Enjoy and happy decorating!

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