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5 Peaceful Islands in the World where the Motor Vehicles are Banned

Every one of us often wishes to escape in a desert island where can totally relax and disconnect from real life. Today’s dynamic time brings only stress and inability to enjoy the beautiful things. Therefore we present several islands, that may not be deserted, but with no excessive presence of tourists and specific transport infrastructure, you will feel something new.

1. Hidra Island

The island Hidra is masterpiece of the Saronic Islands and Greece. Hydra is one of the most beautiful Greek islands with unique architecture, place where with every step you can feel traditional Greek spirit. Here you will find a small traditional and warm Greek houses, where Mediterranean peace prevails. Motor vehicles are banned and the only way to get to sandy beach is by boat or by donkey.

Image by vicguinda via Flickr

Image by vicguinda via Flickr

Image by vicguinda via Flickr

2. Kadavu Island

The island is 60 km long with about 10,000 inhabitants. There you can see beaches, jungles, waterfalls and coral reefs. The nature is home to rare species of birds, including Kadavu parrot. Boats and ships are mainly means of transportation because the entire island has only a few streets. That island is a paradise on the Earth.

Image by Travis Hill via Flickr

Image by Brian via Flickr

Image by Brian via Flickr

3. Ko Phi Phi Don Island

This island is the largest in southern Thailand. If you go there be prepared to walk on foot to get anywhere you want. Only there are boats for hire on some beaches that can not be reached on foot. It is almost separated into two islands, but they are connected by land. The smaller island it is a popular place for diving.

Image by Ashley Lourey via Flickr

Image by Sigmund via Flickr

4. La Digue Island

Huge, strange, and granite rocks characterize the most popular island among the Seychelles, La Digue. This exotic island fascinate with its simplicity and the lazy peace. Its 2000 hospitable inhabitants are accustomed to warm temperatures throughout the year and calling the tourists to see all the beauty they enjoy. The bicycle is often the means of transport.

Image by victoria white2010 via Flickr

Image by steccastorta via Flickr

5. Caye Caulker Island

That small limestone coral island in the Caribbean Sea can be reached only by water taxi or airplane. In recent years, the Caye Caulker Island becomes the one of the most popular places for tourists. From one to the other end of the island is about 20 minutes. Because of that the main means of transportation is walking, but there is also allowed bikes and golf carts.

Image by Samantha Beddoes via Flickr

Image by James Willamor via Flickr


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