What is the best city to come to unforgettable students life? As everybody knows that the moments as a being student are the perfect moments in life. Carelessness, exploring new places, parties, meeting new friends. Many rebates and discounts everywhere. Who would like to feel it one more time in life, even for a couple of days? Don’t waste your time by doing pointless home assignments, use a verified dissertation service that students trust – take some days off and go travel abroad, and collect new memories, feeling and international friends! We picked for your list of top 5 student cities in Europe, and we promise it will help you to make the right decision where to go and start your adventure. We try to collect cities, based on different criteria according to permissibility, student experience, and amiability for international guests.

So let’s check the best destinations for students.


Why is Berlin good? Because it is impossible to get bored there, also the quality of living is high, but the costs are affordable. The variety of galleries, green spaces, museums impress. You can find a piece of history in every corner here. Germany has been growing rapidly as a popular abroad place, Berlin is also, welcoming new students for studying all over Europe. Berlin represents invincible culture, it is a center of fashion and music, art and craft. The German capital has a big amount to offer students from abroad of all backgrounds and interests. At public universities in Germany, even for international students, undergraduate degrees are free. You can study here in English or German languages.

5 Places for Travelers, where you can feel like a Student

“I have lived in Berlin for four years, and I like that if you want to go to a club at 11 am – any problem. There are also plenty of opportunities to practice sports like tennis or yoga,” – comments student from France, Amelie.


The second place is the Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic offers tuition fees in the mid-range that is why is so attractive to international students. Among the students, Prague is loved for tasty cuisine, affable atmosphere, an impressive nightlife.

5 Places for Travelers, where you can feel like a Student

Czech areas have been at the intersection of European civilization. The Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union and situated in the heart of Europe. If you like traveling – you can use a bus, train or car and go to neighbor Germany, Poland or Austria very quickly. Students consider Prague as a smart combination of small costs and pretty high living standards.

5 Places for Travelers, where you can feel like a Student

Traditional Czech cuisine is awesome. Traditional sweets, guláš – the favorite food for locals and guests. Prague is a center of an international community, innovation, and creativity, variety of libraries, archives, museums, historical places.

Top directions of study:

  • Business Technology
  • Healthcare


Melbourne is the capital city of the state of Victoria, a very attractive city for students from abroad to study in. Why is it good to visit this populous Australian city and what are the top places to visit? Getting an Australian education is very prestigious. Outstanding student service, innovation equipment, highly qualified teaching staff, and the diploma recognized globally. During the studying people can work part-time, have different internships and practices.

5 Places for Travelers, where you can feel like a Student

Universities in Melbourne

There are five high-quality universities located in and around Melbourne:

  • Monash University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • University of Ballarat
  • University of Melbourne
  • Australian Catholic University


Barcelona is one of the fascinating cities in all of Europe, if not the world. For study abroad students, Barcelona is a good choice for Americans and Europeans. This Spanish city is a good place to make friends, find different cultures, travel and learn foreign languages.

5 Places for Travelers, where you can feel like a Student

Barcelona is a city located on the Mediterranean Sea. For mountain lovers and adventure lovers city offers a lot of attractions. Mediterranean climate means humid winters and dry summers, so is one of the convenient weather.


Study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world is a dream of many students. The University of Cambridge has a huge history and reputation. Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, and Jane Goodall have graduated from here.

5 Places for Travelers, where you can feel like a Student

Outside of the lessons, students adore spending time in a nice British village filled with attractive buildings, parks, squares, historical museums. Every year more than 20,000 students are invited. Studying in the UK opens doors to new experience and opportunities, helps to get the first step to an amazing career.