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5 Places to Visit If You’re a Surfer

Outdoor activities like adventure sports provide an excellent adrenaline rush to anyone. They are great for pushing you beyond the limit as they tend to challenge your body more and allow you to experience life on the edge. The fact that adventure sports usually present a risk to your body, and even life in some cases, is enough to attract adrenaline junkies from around the world to indulge in them.

Surfing is one such sport that allows you to do more than just admire the ocean waves from a beach! Riding the waves as they lead a surfer towards the shore can be as exciting an activity as it can get. It is like racing with the waves and beating them before they get to you and knock you off your surfboard. If you’re a good swimmer, surfing is a relatively safe sport, but depending on the intensity of the waves, it gets more challenging and riskier.

Surfing is a sport that is enjoyed around the world, wherever you can find the waves good enough to be ridden on. While there are a lot of places that can be put on a surfing list, we are sharing five of the most popular ones. And one of the best things about such sites is that these are excellent tourist destinations as well, where people can have a really good time.

Bali, Indonesia

Talk about the must-see beaches in Southeast Asia, and one of the recommendations that would pop-up is Bali, Indonesia. A place not only famous as a beautiful destination for anyone to see, but it is also a surfers’ delight. And surfing in Bali goes a long way back to 1938.

Interestingly, it was an American, Robert Koke, who is considered the first surfer in Indonesia. He is said to have arrived in Bali for the first time in 1936. They eventually developed enough love for the place that they came back only to settle down there. Robert began surfing regularly at Bali’s Kuta beach from 1938, which has become one of the most famous destinations for surfers over the decades.

Bali is likable destination for this sport because it offers something for surfers of every skill level. From beginners to experts, everyone will find the waves that they can take on! Besides Kuta, there’s Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu and Padang Padang that are considered must-visit places for surfers in Indonesia. And it also just happens to be one of the most recommended tourist destinations as well in Southeast Asia. If you are looking for travel tips for a perfect vacation in Bali then make sure that you don’t miss out on the surfing scene here.

Maresias, Brazil

One of the most popular countries in the world, Brazil isn’t just famous for Football. This largest South American country has some of the most beautiful beaches that are a joy for surfers, especially the ones with intermediate and expert skill levels.

Maresias in Sao Sebastian is a popular surfing destination in Brazil that produces challenging waves for anyone more than a beginner. This particular place is also the birthplace of Brazil’s first World Champion of Surf, Gabriel Medina. Besides surfing, tourists and locals can enjoy the lively night-life that Brazil is known for.

Muizenberg, South Africa

According to Tim Connibear, founder of Waves for Change (W4C), a Cape Town-based mental health service provider to kids, Muizenberg is the world’s best learn-to-surf beach. So if you’re someone willing to get into surfing and plan to visit South Africa, set Muizenberg as your destination when you reach there!

South Africa is also generally known for beaches that attract quite a lot of sharks as well. This is why there are dedicated shark-spotters, especially at all those popular and crowded beaches.

Muizenberg has gentle waves that are ideal for beginner surfers as well as for anyone looking to get training in this sport, making it suitable for all sorts of surfing-based watercraft. And the best part is you can go there at any time of the year.

Algarve, Portugal

Renowned for some of the most playful waves that are loved by virtually any type of a surfer, Algarve in Portugal is one of the most preferred destinations for surfing.

While there are a number of beaches that attract all sorts of ocean lovers, Praia da Amoreira is a hit among surfers as the sea here forms a lot of waves, one after the other. An interesting thing about Algarve is that it usually sees two kinds of surfers, ones who enjoy the crowd and the others who like to be left alone! And like the Muizenberg in South Africa, you can go there to surf any time of the year.

Hossegor, France

Any beach which is on the list of the World Surf League has to be special. Hossegor, in France, is one of them. Considered as one of the best places for surfing, Hossegor is admired for the community it has developed around the sport.

This place has a wide variety of beaches, as well as high winds on and off the shore, making it a heaven for the surfers. The winds end up creating waves that range from one-foot to 20-foot high, good for gentle longboarding, and some serious surfing craft!

Hossegor is best visited in Summers for gentle surfing, while Autumn is best for showing off your championship-winning moves.

While this article highlights a couple of organizations that are associated with this sport, a lot of information is available on the internet around surfing. You can even explore some online communities, like Q&A websites, that provide an interactive environment where people can come together and exchange knowledge on a variety of topics, including surfing. Such platforms can be used to ask tourism questions and answers and related queries to extract some useful insights. You can talk to experienced and amateur surfers, and get to know their experiences.

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