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5 Most Popular Building Supplies

Engineers have utilized their knowledge and creativity to develop houses that range from a single storey to a mega structure like the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. To ensure house blue prints develop to become homes and commercial buildings, builders have to utilize different building supplies in order to realize their dreams.

Buildings have to withstand all weather conditions such as strong winds, storms and earthquakes among others, and for each building in each different location, you’re likely to be using a variety of different building supplies. However, some materials are used in almost every building across the globe, and here we list some of the most well used and popular building supplies, and give you a little more information about them. –


Aluminium is not only used in the construction industry but also in the construction of aeroplane and car body parts. It is a favourite material because it is lightweight and strong meaning it cannot break easily and doesn’t exact a lot of weight. Another benefit of the material is that it can be recycled in case the building is torn down. Builders utilise aluminium to set up mouldings and as window frames, so it comes in quite handy in the construction industry.



Bricks are among the most popular materials that builders use. They are mostly utilized on walls, paths and driveways. Other areas bricks are used include fireplace mantels since they can withstand high temperatures and they are decorative.The main reasons bricks are popular building materials is because they are versatile, easy to make, can be made at the construction site and finally they have good thermal mass. There are many different types of brick though, and it’s important that you get the right type to enhance the look of your building.

Image by Ink Architecture + Interiors via Houzz


This is another popular building material that graces buildings from small homes to large mega structures. Floors, walls and support beams or pillars are some of the areas that concrete is used. Its ability to withstand heavy weight and also its ability to bond makes it one of the most popular building materials.Other reasons that make concrete to be popular are its durability, its economical; it’s resistant to termites and earthquakes.

Image by Delson or Sherman Architects pc via Houzz


Steel is used primarily used to support structures especially where engineers are constructing large projects of architectural complexity and strength. A good example is skyscrapers where some are made of concrete and steel with glass for the exterior.It is highly flexible and provides powerful support to beams and pillars.

Image by Geoffrey Butler Architecture & Planning via Houzz


This popular building material is one of the most common and readily available building materials in most parts of the world. Magnificent buildings that have withstood time such as castles and pyramids have been built with timber and stone among other building materials. It is easy to manipulate, can be made into a beautiful finish, it is relatively inexpensive, it is perfect for both small and large projects and it’s also lightweight.

Image by Lands End Development – Designers & Builders via Houzz

In conclusion, the 5 most popular building materials are timber, steel, concrete, bricks and aluminium. Timber is popular because it is lightweight, biodegradable, easy to manipulate and relatively inexpensive. Concrete on the other hand is inexpensive, resistant to termites, resistant to earthquakes and creates strong bond. Steel is popular as a building material because it can support beams and pillars and it’s also highly flexible.Bricks are common building materials since they have good thermal mass, can be developed on site and are suitable for driveways and paths. Lastly, aluminium is a popular building material because it is strong, lightweight and can be recycled. You can now see why these materials are available at building supplies companies and the market is competitive too.

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