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5 Popular reasons Why Hawaii Beaches Are The Best

Carribean Islands and Hawaii are two most popular islands vacation spots. People from every country visit the Hawaiian Islands to enjoy the soft sand, surf, mouthwatering seafood and Hula dance. The Hawaiian Islands are endowed with natural beauty and diversity. One trip to these islands will not be enough. Here are five factors, which play a crucial role in enhancing the popularity of the Hawaiian beaches.

Climate on the islands

If there is one thing that you need not worry about in Hawaii, it has to be the climate. The sun smiles on the tourists for most parts of the year. There are some regions, which hardly ever get any precipitation. That does not mean that these areas are rocky and barren. In most islands, you will be greeted by a pleasant sea breeze. If you remain on the leeward side, then you can be rest assured not to experience any rain. For those tourists journeying on the windward side, they may get some rain. But it will only intensify the pleasantness of the climate. The nights are equally pleasant and are the best times to experience a Hula dance show on the soft beaches. The pleasant climate allows people to bask in the sunrays in the daytime and get gorgeously tanned.

Surfing paradise for adventure lovers

Another reason that attracts thousands of people to the Hawaiian beaches is the magnificent surf. People from all over the world, flock to these islands to ride the huge waves. Hawaii is particularly known for being a surfer’s paradise. Both seasoned and amateur surfers come to these islands with the desire to tame the rough ocean waves. If you have interest in adventure sports and outdoor activities, then these Hawaiian beaches are ideal locations. Apart from surfing, people can take part in hiking as well. The islands have plenty of coastal forests, suitable for hiking. If you are fond of mountaineering, then that is also possible on these islands. Hawaii is the home for several active as well as dormant volcanoes. The dormant volcanoes will offer ample opportunities for mountaineering activities.

Something for the faint hearted as well

It takes a lot of courage to dive into the ocean and try to get the upper hand on huge surfs. It is a task best suited for the daredevils. What about those who cannot muster enough courage to ride the waves or for people who are of a relaxed disposition? Well! The beaches of Hawaii have enough opportunities for both types of tourists. If you just want to relax in this pleasant setting, then opting for horseback rides on the beaches during sunrise and sunset is an amazing option. You will be able to take in the fresh ocean breeze and enjoy the natural beauty of the area with ease. These horseback rides are excellent for couples, who desire to spend some romantic quality time together.

Snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins

If you love spending time with the fishes, then Hawaiian beaches, and coastal areas have a lot to offer. The warm Pacific Ocean has the perfect environment for the development of corals. Some Hawaiian beaches are popular for its coral reefs. As soon as you dive into the calm waters, you will discover the mesmerizing and vibrant underwater world of the fishes. A significant percentage of tourists enroll for a snorkeling session, under the supervision of experts. Another water activity that has become somewhat popular in the recent days is going for a swim with the friendly dolphins. Both Big Island and Oahu will offer tourists the opportunity to spend time with captive and trained dolphins.

To experience the real deal, one has to come to Kailua-Kona. Under the watchful eyes of the experts, tourists will be able to swim with wild and untamed dolphins. However, it is not allowed to disturb or touch these magnificent beasts. Apart from this, one can also go for scuba diving. Experienced as well as inexperienced divers come here to be mesmerized by the underwater wildlife diversity.

Pick the beach you prefer

Thanks to the geological and climatic conditions of the area, one can literally pick a beach that attracts their fancies. There are around 400 breathtaking beaches in this area. Some have soft and white sand, while other beaches have natural grainy yellow sand. But that is not all. If you are looking for something unique, then check out the beaches, which have black, green and red sand. One has to go to the Papakōlea Beach to enjoy a fun time on the green sand. To bask on the red sandy beach (Kaihalulu), you must head towards Maui. But the most visited beach is the Punalu’u Beach or the black beach. Presence of different minerals in rocks cause these color variations. So, roll you your jumpsuits, and get ready to walk barefoot on the colored sandy beaches of Hawaii.

The natural beauty and wildlife diversity are enough to attract travelers from all over the world. You will find people from all sections of the society and ages, enjoying themselves to the hilt. The breathing natural beauty of the islands, the erupting volcanoes, dense forests and Hula dancers will keep you spellbound for several days. Apart from this, the warmth and attitude of the people will never let the feeling of homesickness creep in. A trip to Hawaii has a lot to offer. Apart from the natural gems, you will also be able to discover the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of the native Hawaiian people. What are you waiting for? It is the perfect time to pack your bags, books flight tickets and get to these gorgeous beaches, soft sand and high surf.

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